Friday, November 5, 2010

MG ZZ gundam WIP 2 part 2

alright.. the WIP 2 is all about the planning stage.. first.. my mind just feel with lot of thing.. so.. before i'm getting the right plan.. empty my mind and study what the pro done will be the best option for me.. and empty my mind to create my own version.. not the best but something i capable to do.. not trying to copy other's work but getting inspiration from them.. seeing the job done by pro.. it feels like this kit is pretty challenging to me.. but the most important thing that i must keep in my mind is never give up even i can't do as best as they are.. so.. here are some mod MG ZZ and MG FAZZ that i pick up to study..

the first review that should follow and study will definitely from that provide the information of the kit.. and guess what.. i never realize that MG FAZZ have so much different that the MG ZZ.. especially the backpack as what i show in the picture above which from i thought most modeler that mod ZZ back pack by re-cast, re-scratch or re-build it.. especially the missile pods.. i never thought they actually just use the MG FAZZ back pack.. or should i say they using MG FAZZ and mod it to a normal MG ZZ.. well.. i feel i'm so stupid of getting the normal MG ZZ version now.. i was told that the only gimmick that the normal version of MG ZZ is able to transform into separate mobile armor compare to MG FAZZ.. well.. guess i should just accept the fact and stop complaining.. but then i realize that the MG FAZZ sentinel version have better proportion i guess.. i mean the head unit.. the V-fin is definitely look better than the MG FAZZ or MG ZZ.. and it don't have to be mod to look better.. argh.. that tell me if i'm going to get a MG FAZZ.. i will definitely get the sentinel version.. alright.. enough of it.. i finally know the hints and wake up.. lets have a look on the other MG FAZZ and MG ZZ that modified..
first.. it was from toymakerinc.. it was the MG FAZZ sentinel version.. tan of pla-plate use in this kit.. i still struggling on cutting the pla-plate.. damn..
another pla-plate master was from dc23.. this is the link to his MG FAZZ.. he used the normal version.. not only tan of pla-plate.. he also drill or cut some area out and create a whole which cover by some "net".. the color scheme is simple but the amount of panel line.. i'm speechless..
back to business.. saku-zion.. one of the modeler that i found together with Keita's site.. and it was the place i refer the best MG ZZ.. well.. he do two version of MG ZZ.. the first one was the normal version and the other was using the MG FAZZ.. here is the link for his MG ZZ.. i can't see much or maybe.. no pla-plate was use in his MG ZZ.. but i saw a lot of panel line added.. wow.. looking at his panel line design.. i'm really impress..
and he is not just master in panel line.. look at the color scheme he made and the paint job he done.. awesome isn't it.. my next MG FAZZ.. will definitely follow his MG FAZZ Sentinel which show from the picture above..
and finally.. out master Keita's MG ZZ.. from all the WIPs and picture that i read and study.. i think he is using the MG FAZZ too.. but not sure is his MG ZZ was base in MG FAZZ or the MG FAZZ sentinel version.. why.. the back pack is he first answer.. then.. the Hyper Mega Cannon which only available for both MG FAZZ version is the second answer.. well.. he re-shape or re-cast a lot of part.. to follow his foot step.. i still got long way to go..
i actually found this when searching the MG ZZ in google picture.. i forgot to translate those word from the source(website) of this image and the image was posted in a forum.. so.. i don't know the original source of this pic same as it's creator(lazy to find).. but i saw some "Vicious" word in the forum.. could it refer that this version was done from vpmodel and vision of vicious?..
the most simple version that re-paint and added some panel line i guess.. also found from the google picture.. here is the source for it.. guess out of so many version.. this should be the version that i able to follow closely.. haha..

so.. my detail plan on my kit?.. hope i can figure it out by this Sunday..

will be continue..


chubbybots said...

That is some good research material. Thanks for the Saku Zion link. Bookmarked him for future references. I am doing research for my sinanju build too ^^

seven6398 said...

Chubbybots: no problem.. good luck for your sinanju and sorry for the late reply.. been busy with my part time job..


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