Thursday, November 4, 2010

MG ZZ gundam WIP 2

except the MG Vanator which i create using MG SF and MG Destiny.. i never mod any model that in 1/100 scale before.. this should be my first time on adding detail to a 1/100 MG kit.. feel like a big project to me.. well i pick this model for the adding detail to improve my skill is because of this model was look more in block shape which have a lot of large surface for me to mod.. but i never thought that this model is quite complicated to build.. especially the legs.. but it should be fine..

the only problem i'm facing now is the knife i use to cut pla-plate not work as what i want.. design knife? i'm not sure why.. but it just hard to use for cutting the pla-plate so i use the normal penknife.. i was wondering will the sharper or blunt knife will help me to cut the pl-plate easier.. drawing the line to before cutting process is the most annoying part.. it all talk about measurements and creating complicated shape can be difficult.. any help for the knife?

there are few areas that i mark down for additional detail..
first.. the shoulders.. saw that big flat surface?.. haha..
chest will be the second part..
front waist armor.. if possible.. back waist armor too.. and the tights is another potential area..
front armor of the legs..
re-paint will definitely needed for the back thruster from the legs..
lastly.. back pack..

so.. the first thing i have to deal with.. getting the right material and tools.. guess i only able to continue the WIP next week..

stay tune..

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