Monday, December 19, 2011

New lootz and updates (metal decal, solar turn table)

I guess it should go back to normal posting after few promotion post for both iShop2go and GK. So here we go, my new lootz. The paint was from local hobby shop while other such as the single action airbrush, decal and solar turn table are from
i only realize that i run out of white color when i start painting the RG Aile Strike and my solution was replace the color with Mr.Surfacer white (more detail on this later). Other color was bought as extra supplies as my next project after the RG Aile Strike don't need much of painting on the outer armors.
Alright, as for the single action airbrush, I bought this as the back up form my current airbrush. And the design of this airbrush is slightly different which it can attach to the empty bottle directly. Since its cheaper, i don't hope it can perform better than my current airbrush so let me test it and re-post this again later. By the way, i like direct attachment for the empty bottle to the airbrush because the step for cleaning the airbrush is easier before change to other color (just swap a bottle with thinner and spray for few second then change to other color, isn't this way is more simple).
And this is my favorite loots. This thing is like magic. Without any battery and turn on the light, it automatically turn. I heard there is another version made from China is a lot more cheaper but the seller said the stock will only reach by next few weeks. Man, if you're looking for some continuous turn table without wasting money on battery, this is the one. The only thing that made me feel not satisfy with this is the the size. I hope i can get something bigger.

Decal, decal, decal. Metal decal. I remember i saw this in one of the PG Strike Freedom but that set cost about US$ 20. As for this, it use for MG Astray Red Frame and it only cost me.... less than RM 5. Believe it or not. Haha.
And another best lootzzzzzzzzzzzz.... new toys. Well, it's not entirely mine and it belong to my company but as i'm part of the company, i have the right to use it for my personal usage.
Another important stuff, the flash. We don't have enough budget to get the original Canon series but this should be good enough, the Nissin 622 Mk 2.
Lastly, my own updates which affecting the blog. Lot of paint, massive masking and lot of MESS!!! The worst part is my painting station was totally...... speechless. All i can say now is, have to wait for another few days until all painting progress in my house complete and i will only able to continue the paint job on the RG Aile Strike.


Tom said...

Messy workstation is messy! XD

seven6398 said...

i can see its improve now.. but my favorite table is gone.. :(


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