Thursday, December 29, 2011

RG Aile Strike AIF version Complete

Finally, project Aile Strike AIF complete. I actually have a story about this color scheme which similar what waylander9 did on his Forgoten warrior. I had this kit during November if i'm not wrong and i has a lot of complain about this kit when i got it out of the box. Luckily the paint really done its job for helping me tightening the joints. I guess most of my complain solve except the palm issues. You might notice that this unit is left handed which is similar to my MC Hi-Nu Gundoom. The same thing happen which i screw up on the right palm. As for now, lets check out the painting list:
-Mr.Surfacer 1000
-Mr.Surfacer 1000 white
Color Scheme:

-Blue color (mixture of character Mr.Color blue and Mr.Color metallic blue)
-Red color (Mr. Color metallic red)
-Gold color (Mr.Color gold)
-Silver color (Mr.Metal Color Silver chrome)
-Black color (Mr.Color metallic black)
-White color (Mr.Surfacer 1000 white)

The color scheme almost original except for adding silver and gold color in. The yellow color has changed to gold since there are not much yellow color part (i lazy to prepare another empty bottle for pouring out the yellow color). Most of the inner frame was painted in either silver or gold and the rest are metallic black which hide beneath the armors. The concept of the inner frame color was inspired from a post in but that guy done it on PG Aile Strike. This is the first time i'm using Mr.Surfacer 1000 white to replace the Mr.Color white as white color because i was running out of white color paint and it is definitely a bad alternative solution. There are two reason explain why it is an bad alternative solution, first is the surface is easily crack after the paint dry (maybe the chemical material is different from normal paint) and second is it come in matte surface which is not friendly for panel line. The Mr.Color character blue somehow made the entire blue color look a bit glossy and the red color is a bit over vivid again which make it look more like blood red.

Another challenge come from this kit is the markings and foil stickers. Most of it is extremely small and not easy to hold for application. As for the panel line, i bought an 0.1 unipin fine line which i mentioned before but it still too thick for this kit. I guess it enough for my frustration on my project here since i actually quite happy with the end result :) and lets check out the photos (Story of the AIF is on the bottom of this post)

Here we are, the story of AIF Aile Strike. AIF stand for Advance Inner Frame system. There are two concept of the AIF which is improve the rigidly of the frame and improve mobility. The inner frame was build using lighter but stronger material such as titanium alloy and different from the conventional material. With lighter weight inner frame, from the power to weight ratio of the mobile suit improve which allow it to move and response faster in the combat. The lightness also improve the overall performance such as the operation power since lesser power was use for accommodate more weight from the conventional inner frame. 

"This development actually done during the C.E 73 after the Jachin Due incident which is happen in C.E 72 Gundam Seed series. Although the GATX-105 Aile Strike has been destroy during that incident, some of its part were recover especially the combat data. Since most of the part has been torn apart, project AIF was launch to recover the original Aile Strike and this project was done by the Terminal (a Mobile suit manufacturer under Clyne foundation). This project was commence after Terminal stealing the project of Strike Freedom from ZAFT which using the gold inner frame. In order to fully utilize the potential of the Strike Freedom, Aile Strike AIF was develop as the test machine which using the similar new type of inner frame system in Strike Freedom. Project AIF only able to complete after the incident of Junius 7 fall into earth and AIF Aile Strike was use to defend Terminal in one of the asteroid space station after the escape of Eternal Supporting Battleship during C.E 74 when the Terminal was discover by ZAFT. After that, it was remain with Terminal as the test Mobile Suit for better improvement in inner frame development."

Yo, how was the story? haha.

Hope you guys enjoy and the coming project will be the bling bling Hyakushiki which is truly gold armor coming in. Stay tune.


Khaidir said...

Nice. Love the colors. Really Matches the RG Aile Strike :3 Very.. RObotic like =3

chrismandesign said...

the overall color scheme looks very appealing to me and i don’t know, maybe is the light, but the white (primer) seems a tad grayish, anyway it gives an interesting soft weathered effect... i guess it took more work than a HG kit for the improved detail... puffff!!! i’m feeling really lazy right now LOL *O* ZZZZZZ

Tom said...

Awesome colors, love how the metallic sheen looks for the blue and red.

mrSeven6398 said...

Khaidir: thanks man.. i think its the combination of the gold and silver..

Chris: those greyish actually is the ink from the panel line.. can't clean it properly but somehow it looks a bit like weathering.. haha.. actually it took not much efforts to improve the detail of this kit because this kit itself already come with lots of detail.. anyway thanks..

Toms: thanks..


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