Monday, December 5, 2011

Updates again (Video of FAZZ, RG paint work, coming review, GK Contest, busy busy busy)


Well, although i have finished my final few weeks ago and the result are all out ( pass all, hehe) but i still have final year project catching up in this short sem (already started). Things get more rush and stress for this single assignment compare to other subjects. Have to catch up for completing one chapter per-week for some market research topic. I still not sure will i able to complete it in time but with the pace i'm catching up, it should be able (I CAN'T SAY NO OR DELAY!!!). So, after completing this thing which due on 26th December 2011, there should be a real long break where i can start some huge project again ( i have some in my mind, try guess what it is, the clue is my favorite gundam series)


Although the FAZZ have completed but i still owe someone a video which made for you guys too (it was quite fun for editing video) and have to start the RG Aile Strike painting process soon ( lot of thing to fix). The concept of the RG Aile Strike will remain its originality but i found some new concept for the color scheme recently (most of you has seen it before, the clue is from G.G site). At the same time, new review coming soon which is the MG Hyakushiki gold plated version (1st generation). That should be a simple project for me since there are so many things i have to do this month (follow up the FAZZ video and RG Aile Strike painting with my final year project). I pick that kit for this month review because most of the original part such as gold plated armors is my favorite and therefore, there are only few area require paint for the MG Hyakushiki which allow me to finish the kit faster than usual. 

GK contest

So, the contest ended few days ago but i haven't make an ending post for it as there are something i have to confirm before making a ending post of the contest. And for those who participated, all i can say is thank you for your participation and your efforts will not be wasted. The ending post will be here within this week and  the selected bloggers will be announce this or next week. 

Work work

There are some changes with my freelance job and things might get more busy since there are many things are still in developing stage but luckily there are some people working with me.

All i can say is, it seems i'm quite busy this month but i will try to continue update this blog as frequent as usual and hopefully everything run smooth so that my time management can work well which allow me to post more thing here. 
So, stay tune on the thing that i mention i will post soon. Thanks for the visit.

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