Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gundam Mid-Year Challenge 2012 (Malaysia)

I almost put the wrong name on this event as the theme/title of this event always change. Last year was GWBC and before that is BAKUC, this year should call as GMYC as short form. I was there on the day it set up. Luckily the day before the set was also the event for Power Ranger which host by the same organizer so the set up can be done a lot more earlier. Participants were only to display their work around 2 a.m. on 3rd June. 

At the same time, LYN which is Low Yat.Net forum also hosting a straight and OOB group build category with the theme back to basic. It is a very interesting category as there are many modellers still not master basic very well and straight go on customizations especially ME. The seller from M.G.S2U (Tkting) told me the same thing as well when he look at my submission.

Another good thing for me is able to meet rayloke from Lowyat.net which also one of the professional modeler  in http://forum.zerogunz.com if i'm not wrong. He is one of the who organize the group build for straight build or OOB category. I was sitting in a group who participate in that category but too bad i can have some chat with him for some.... gunpla mod.

So, lets check out the photo of the event and as for the detail rules, prize and others, please follow this link:

My submission!!!

The prize presentation will held on 10th of June which is this Sunday, lets meet up there!!!


Zoidiect Archaea said...

nice coverage as usual man =D those entries are looking awesome!

seven6398 said...

Zd: Thanks.. you're aiming for the big one in year end?


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