Friday, June 15, 2012

MG Sword Impulse Review part 1 (boxart, manual and runners)

Alright, another new build. Basically this will another OOB kit that i going to build for my boss but before that i'm going to create my own review about this kit.

How the first photo look like? Sword Impulse was in WW2!!! Damn, i really love the way they design the boxart for MG Seed especially this one where it destroying Orb Fleet. This scene should be around episode 20 plus after Orb signing the treaty with the Earth Alliance and starting to assault Minerva after it sail of from Gibraltar. Whenever Shin put on the sword silhouette, that's the killing time except the first episode. 

So, the specification about the mobile suit itself, i'm sure most of you know what it got such as weapon, power output and other special gimmick stuff but i still want to cover a bit here. The mobile suit itself was design to be flexible which can equip with different silhouette for different ability such as Force Silhouette, Sword Silhouette and the Blast Silhouette (similar to Strike Gundam). One thing that improve the flexibility of Impulse gundam is it's separable body part which divide into chest flyer, core splendor and leg flyer (similar to RX-78 2, ZZ gundam and also Age 3 gundam). This flexibility enable it to change it damage part such as arm, legs, main censor or camera which is the head unit and also it silhouette pack during combat within certain duration. Impulse gundam itself already equip with beam rifle, expandable shield (with Force Silhouette mode), two "folding razor" (similar to Armor Schneider) anti-armor knife and CIWS mounted on the chest (instead of the head). Without any silhouette pack, Impulse gundam itself already quite deadly.

As for this kit, it come with Sword Silhouette which its more focus on short range or melee combat. With sword silhouette, it give Impulse additional weapon which is the 2 x "flash edge" beam boomerangs and 2 x "Excalibur" anti-ship sword. Although the sword was called as anti-ship sword and it look not as flexible as normal beam saber but it is more destructive compare to beam saber especially attacking strongly armored mobile suit like GFAS-X1 Destroy gundam. With the design of the sword which more "tangible" to beam saber, it can even stab through the shield of Freedom gundam. Even though the sword silhouette was made to enhance Impulse gundam in short range combat, Impulse still able to carry its original weapon which is the beam rifle and shield unlike Sword Strike gundam. The only pitfall for Sword Impulse might be the mobility which it can't operate as flexible as Force Impulse on the air combat.

As what we can see here, the standing pose of this kit already show it potential for dynamic pose.

It's not hard to build this kit, everything show from the manual is quite straight forward. It doesn't require any screw or putting on any mesh pipe. The only thing that worry will be the knee joint but the good thing is most of the joint of this MG Seed/Destiny series are very sturdy.

Total with 21 runners. Since the only different for this kit and the Force Impulse is the Silouette pack, most of the runners for this kit are same with MG Force Impulse.

Since this mobile suit was use by Shin Asuka and Lunamaria Hawke, this kit come with decals for both pilots.

From the boxart, manual and runners, i got not much to share. For the coming post of this kit will cover on detail and structure of this kit. As usual, pose, articulation and proportion will be cover on part 3. Stay tune

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