Saturday, June 2, 2012

Painted Bandai Action base

I seldom paint the base for my gunpla since it was only use for photography purpose and most of the time i want it disappear from the photo but not this time. The reason i painted this action base was due to the gunpla competition in Sungei Wang Plaza starting on next Monday but modeller can display their gunpla by tomorrow night. For the previous entry which were the MG Vanator and MG FAZZ custom, i didn't use any stand because the MG Vanantor was something for fun while the MG FAZZ custom was too big for the action base. I'm not trying to say this base will help my coming entry win anything but it just some satisfaction or the feeling of completion for the entire project. I don't think i need to introduce much about this display base. I got few of this actually and it really got the potential for building a hangar diorama. And lastly, forget about the HotWeels in the photos, bought them from a promotion buy 2 free 1 ( guess its going to be my new line for collection, haha).

Anyone going to Sungei Wang Plaza tomorrow night?.. see you there....

1 comment:

chrismandesign said...

it’s a nice job Seven... actually i was thinking into paint at least one of my action bases (also the model kits themselves would be great LOL)... by the way, you don’t have to hide your diecast, is not a crime to collect Hot Wheels... =P


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