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MG Strike Freedom Review Part 1 (Boxart and runners)

It's my favorite mobile suit turn this time, "Strike Freedom.. ike masszz!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...

The first gundam series that completed which is in 2005 was Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. I thought Shin Asuka was the main character that time and i don't even realize there is Mobile Suit Gundam Seed which Kira Yamato is the main character for these 2 series. I remember when it first appearance in the anime already show how deadly this mobile suit is (plus the "super-coordinator" as the pilot) but the pilot choose to use this as deadly weapon to disable other mobile suit rather than killing the pilot ( like what Kio in gundam age FX doing now "kio, you're not the first one who fight that way, hahaha" ) "how holy can it be". It's predecessor Freedom gundam was almost invisible except the battle with Providence Gundam and Impulse gundam but with the upgrade weapon system to this Strike Freedom gundam (combination with pilot ability), it become even more powerful from any other Mobile suit in its era (cosmic era). Some people might hate the concept of this mobile suit and its pilot because its too powerful and this is why i like it so much. 

The concept of this mobile suit was almost perfect in any attribute. It is agile and strong (in terms of offensive and defensive) due to it power by ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor that provide unlimited of fire power, propulsion and energy armor. Two beam saber which can combine for any short range combat, two beam rifle which also can be combine for both medium and long range combat, "Xiphias 3" cannon which effective against any energy shield or underwater  combat, "Callidus" multiphase beam cannon ( which also similar to positron/ plasma cannon but in smaller size), "Voiture lumiere" propulsion for confusing enemy target censor, two energy shield for defensive and lastly, 8 DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network) units just like what the OO gundam series fang, Age series Bits or the UC series funnel. With such weapon system and unlimited energy from its powerplant (which most of the mobile suit in any series suffer), even the most powerful Gundam Unicorn might have doubt for taking it down ( just my silly opinion). No matter in space, atmosphere or ground battle, 1 on 1 or like (Ip Man " i want 10") will not be a problem for this mobile suit. The only drawback should be the stamina of the pilot although he is a "supercoordinator".

Alright, enough for the introduction and lets get back to the kit.

First, i will start with the box art which.. er. I feel the box art for this normal version do have a attractive background ( i love those background with lots of grunt unit or other battle scene) compare to the Full Burst version but unfortunately, the pose for Strike Freedom Gundam in this box art was not fierce or dynamic enough.
Some additional info about Kira's Mobile suit at the back of the box.

This kit come with 18 runners including polycap runners and runners for stand, foil stickers, limited dry decal and lots of markings. Part placement of the runners are basically quite similar to other Seed MG (except for those new Gat-x MG series which i haven't get one of it).

No bling bling part for the inner part although the inner part for Strike Freedom is suppose to be gold. The real kit is come with "dark yellow/brown/i don't know what it called" color. If those who haven't get any MG Strike Freedom, the full burst version will not come with full gold color inner frame too!!!

This was become one of the major complain for this kit when it release (same for me) but if we think carefully, it will not a good news if the entire inner frame come in gold plated color (this who have MG Hyakushiki original version, Akatsuki gundam or any gold plated armor kit will understand what i'm talking about).

Good thing is this kit come with a stand just like it's predecessor but the bad thing is the stand not as flexible as you see (extra 1/100 Bandai Display stand for Full burst version "which also one of the factor that make the Full burst version cost higher). Only one energy shield part included which i think "what about the shield generator?"

Well, that's all for the part 1.

Before i end this post, there is a good news and a bad news for this blog.

Bad news

is this blog is going to end after the completion of MG Strike Freedom Gundam review

Good news

is there will be another new blog as the expansion of this blog


is my picasa album is run out of space and i don't think i'm going to pay for additional space so i'm going to start a new... .... ....

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