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MG Sword Impulse Review part 2 ( assemble, details and structure)

Alright, finally I'm back.

So, this post will be the part 2 of the review for this kit which will related to assemble process, detail and structure.

First, i will start with the assemble process. Basically everything is straightforward, no complicated assemble process like the MG SF wings or mesh pipe for MG Mk2. All of the steps only involved direct snap and fits, there not much complicated multilayer snap and fit process. This means it will be easier for painting because most of the part can be easily disassemble. As for the detail, i will elaborate it from the pictures.

This definitely look a lot better than the NG 1/100 version. Although it was only a small core fighter that mount in mobile suit but the design already look as good as the combat fighter jet. the color separation might not great here but it shouldn't be too difficult to paint those area. What i like most is those landing gear but there should be the most difficult part to make it look nice.
The lower torso (abdomen) was attach with the core splendor ( Core fighter) and waits unit and therefore, lesser part for the chest (or upper torso)
These is the type of joint that i'm looking for my MG Sazabi. With this type of joints for shoulders, it can help the kit to pose better (more dynamic)
It must allow the shoulders the bend "up" to make the kit in dynamic pose.

The inner frame for the chest unit.

The back was empty for slotting in the core fighter.
I can't say this is a design flaw and maybe that time this is the best they can do. As for now, we can see MG RX-78 2 Ver.2 also come with core fighter but the cockpit of the core fighter can be rotate back to horizontal after it attach in mobile suit form and after the cover from the chest open, it still can review the cockpit from the core fighter.

"Bend in 180 degree".

The hidden hydraulic pump.
Here will be the most "annoying part".
Total independent inner frame for the leg which means without relying on some of the outer armor and still can stand alone. Although most of the new MG have this but i still want to highlight this. :p

Again, lot of detail from the leg's inner frame.

I never realize there are additional thrusters here too.

Although there are only few parts for the shoulders but there are still lot of detail here.

"you still need to fill the back of those skirt armors"

Although this thing look very important in the anime which this the flyer that bring those silhouette to Impulse but as for model kit, it will become a useless part after the kit complete assemble. 

Compare to Force Silhouette, this look more simple as most of its function is use to carry weapon for Sword Impulse. No wings from this silhouette to improve mobility

Beam boomerang which can use as in individual or stack together.

The shield is same as what MG Force Impulse have which means this Sword Impulse still can have it shield expand in Sword Impulse mode (which not seen in the anime)

Compare to Armor Schneider from MG Strike, this look a lot better. 

Landing gear for chest and leg flyer. (which is useless for me)

Additional manipulator which same as what we got from NG 1/100 or HG. This were provided to hold those heavy sword same as MG Destiny. (Bandai did realize those MG standard manipulator really useless when they use it for hold heavy weapon)
I shall call these as the connector for Sword silhouette, chest flyer, leg flyer and core splendor. The most important one will be the connector for leg flyer which i can use it to post the entire kit on the stand.

This what i mean as non-rotatable cockpit "hahaha".
As there are not much multilayer snap and fit process, the whole structure of this kit is not complicated too. As for most of the detail are "non-gimmick" ( not movable), i can pose the kit without worrying some other part will come off. 

That's all for this part, part 3 will focus on pose-ability, articulation and proportion.

Hope i can come back as soon as possible (from work to here).

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