Saturday, August 23, 2008


Isn't autumn will be start in September.. isn't this kit should be release on September.. but now.. ergh!!! ok.. what i'm talking about is MG Infinite Justice.. release in October in Japan.. means the fastest for us "i mean Malaysian who buy in Malaysia" will at least need to wait until mid of October to end of the October.. and need to pay at least 30% more of the japanese price which means (5250 yen + 30 %) which almost cost RM 225 (the price for an MG Strike Freedom in Malaysia now) with the standard conversion rate for japanese product at 0.033 " normally just for japanese toys la" not applicable to all japanese product in Malaysia.. as for people who look for cheaper price which is almost cost in japanese price + 5% "consider the cheapest price we can get in Malaysia for gunpla" will need to wait until mid of November "if lucky" to the begin of December.. WTF!!!!!!!! about the price then.. 5250 yen.. almost rm 185 in Malaysia and for sure all the dealer for gunpla in Malaysia will charge more than that.. it could be one of the most expensive MG in Seed Destiny line for normal version.. MAN!!! i'm really can't wait for this...

another issue.. i should say this is another disappointed kit for me.. MG Strike Freedom.. the one who have the most unique inner frame 'suppose in gold colour" "bling bling". but in it's normal ver. and full burst.. not at all.. this clear colour ver. in the picture.. it suppose to be quite special but due to the inner frame colour which not come in bling bling gold.. i can't find any reason of buying it..

more than 10000 yen.. you gotta be kidding me.. at first.. if im going to pay extra 3000 yen from the MG SFFB or 5000 yen form the normal ver. just for the complete gold colour for the inner frame and extra coated "if im not wrong" colour for this kit.. maybe i will consider about it.. but.. another but.. this will only come in MG SFFB inner frame colour.. which means the whole inner frame is not completely gold colour.. another thing is.. will it come together with all the extra part like MG SFFB??? what do you think???


Q said...

Sorry to hear about the delay and the price you may face when IJ comes out. I too was surprised that it is gonna be the most expensive SEED MG out there so far. I wonder what will make it costs so much.

9500 Yen for SF Extra Finish according to Hobby Search... That's even more expensive than the metallic coating version of MG Nu. Ah well I will just stick with 1/144 HG / HGUC for the size and cost then -_-

seven6398 said...

me too.. maybe the IJ got more extra part.. mm..

really??? the SF even more expensive than metallic coating version of MG Nu. i didn't realize that..


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