Thursday, August 14, 2008

MG Zeta on progress

long time didn't post anything here.. have completed the kotobukiya mechanical stand and rey's custom Blaze Zake Phantom.. too bored with MG strike since i have repeated building few MG Strike.. so choose to build this kit first.. after read the post about MG Zeta from fudoushin.wordpress.. pay more attention and extra more careful when assemble this.. here the picture:

great articulation.. but the structure of the legs quite complicated..

another interesting cockpit.. and what is the most interesting thing is the cockpit can be move into the normal jet's cockpit position once it transform into wave rider.. but it will left the inner body empty without any frame once it transform into MS mode..

still got the wings and tail stabilizer to go.. decided to take a picture together with kotobukiya base since it under construction(feels like maintenance)..

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