Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MG Sword Strike

alright.. this is it.. my favourite pack in strike.. big sword.. boomerang.. hook.. the sword quite similiar to the MG Nu beam saber.. got some small beam under the whole sword (again, don't know how to describe).. articulation will be normal as a MG.. for sure this kit easy to pose.. but it got one thing that we all must take note.. (i guess).. about the hook.. it store behind the elbow but not like the shield from aile strike pack which come with a additional joint to make it store at the side of the left hand.. and the hook is too thin.. i guess many people realize this.. nothing much can said about Sword Striker since it's structure quite simple..

i make some shot together with 1/100 Blitz.. the fighting scene.. but don't have the one which Sword Strike cut into Blitz body la.. why??? i don't dare to create some shot which it need to damage the kit.. if i do.. for sure i'll get extra kit then.. the same kit i mean.. these are pictures..


Q said...

Nice poses! So would you prefer the Sword or the Launcher more (or even the Aile)?

seven6398 said...

Aile.. efficient and fast.. haha


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