Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MG Zeta still on progress

Finally finish the process assembling this kit.. now left decal.. oh ya.. i havent assemble the stand yet.. hope i can finish it by tomorrow before i start study on my final.. damn.. the beam rifle just too long.. have the same problem with my MG ReGZ which it must hold the beam rifle with the hand twist a bit "don't know how to describe, will show the picture soon".. alright.. let check the photo..

currently i change camera.. from a oldies ricoh to oldies canon IXUS II.. noise control was quite good.. even better then the new camera.. as i said.. most stupid customer looking for a high spec and lot of features.. does it really make a good quality picture.. I DON'T THINK SO.. LATEST??? HIGHEST??? my answer is.. PLEASE!!! DON'T CHEAT BY THE MARKETING STRATEGIES AND ASK THESE KIND OF STUPID QUESTION PLEASE!!! perhaps i shouldn't put this paragraph here but to another post about camera..

taking picture from low angle.. make it like you really taking a picture from a 1/1 size gundam.. haha.. i guess i need t buy more mechanical chain base to cover the back ground..

close up.. now you can see all the flaws..

i'm really like the view from behind for this kit.. everything look just fine.. in term of size from every angle just won't make you feel like unbalance or ...

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