Friday, April 24, 2009

what a good question

so what is the question??? the link is over the dannychoo's site.. and the question is "Who funds your gunpla hobby, what does your parents say about it and what's your average number of gunpla bought in a year?".. so my answer is.. TA DA!!!

who sponsor me? the answer is me.. girls went shopping for cloths, accessory or handbag every month when their salary came out.. as for me.. i work as a part time promoter and the week i got my salary will most probably the week i bought new kit every month.. XD.. this hobby was started almost 3 years plus ago when after i get in to the part time promoter job.. which i was 17.. i do bought one FG astray and one HG wing zero custom when i was 15 which i save pocket money for it from my parents.. so.. i got two kit fun by my parents and the other about 50 kit which include MG, HG, 1/100 NG and Sd kit.. (the FG astray is dead because i broke the neck joint) XD.. mm i guess i got about 2 kit every month.. average a year.. i'm really not sure.. and i spent almost RM 5k until now..

so.. about my parents.. they object from the day i got my first MG freedom which was 3 year ago.. so do all my brother and sister.. i took up a lot of space in my room which i use to share wiht my brother but no for now anymore.. they made me to pay my own fuel, car installment, toll fees and parking fees in my college.. and even my own phone bill.. still i'm not stopping this hobby and this lead me owe my dad a lot of money.. XD.. as time goes by.. they not care about it anymore.. but sometimes they do complain that i'm spend on this hobby alot when they realize i bought new kit.. sorry about the lenght of my story

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