Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sd sangokuden Ryubi full set

i thought who would pay 2+++ yen for a sd kit.. i pay it and it really worth it.. total o four runner come together.. quite number of parts.. gold plated parts as well.. ok.. this is the easiest sangokuden sd kit i done.. just the shield of the horse there give a bit of trouble.. other than that.. everything looks fine..

the whole kit require a lot of panel line.. especially the leg and the horse.. if follow the original color.. nothing much have to paint exept the panel line.. but i like more gold part on it.. so i paint a lot of area like the chest, shoulder, back of the helmet and skirt to gold.. i follow the original color for the horse but not all.. some of the part of the horse was hard to paint.. lets check the pics..

man.. i like this part right here.. but too bad.. when it attach with the armor.. all the work here will be covered..

see that.. is it a statue or a dragon with another head on the back and look like a tail.. this is the most stupid part.. but this dragon really have a lot of part for other gundam.. those gundam head.. i think it not only can assemble to the shoulder of guan yu and chang fei but i think the normal ryubi also applicable.. some of the part also can put on the cao cao and one more gundam with horse also.. but i forgot the name.. anyway.. i will combine all the part to the gundam and the rest will leave inside the box..

TA DA!!!!! so it complete..

what do you think.. which one look better.. the original was GP03 and i think the other was base on gundam Alex.. any idea which gundam base on for this ryubi expansion version??? i'm just guess over there..

i think this is the first time i use sd gundam to create some fighting scene.. quite silly.. haha

yosh!!! transformed

TA DA!!!!!

my favourite picture..


Chris said...

No, no, the original Ryubi is not GP03. GP03 is Chou-Yun, the other one with horse.

Ryubi is based on the one and only RX-78-2, Emperor Ryubi(expansion) is Perfect Gundam.

seven6398 said...

oic.. haha.. GP03 is sun quan.. i really mess up here..

Anonymous said...

Nice review on the ryubi with great photos. Looks like i'll be getting one!


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