Sunday, April 26, 2009

MG Freedom Part 2

so.. like the MG strike freedom on last few post.. this is the part two of my MG freedom.. the picture that i have for this kit last time was not good enough especially when i try to use the black mat back ground.. the contrast was not adjusted.. thing just look not satisfy enough as i found more interesting stuff in photography.. so i decided to re-create.. i wonder should i re-create everything if i have a DSLR.. too bad i'm not the person that will save money for few thousand dollar stuff.. you will know me well that how i spend my money on the previous post.. and i'm re-creating another MG Strike Freedom Full Burst.. this time was not because of the shots but the inner frame.. thinking of spraying it this time.. any advise? a lot of question about that.. will make a post for that.. comment it please..

get back to the picture.. this time i used the 1/100 figure from MG Strike Freedom which include Lacus and Kira.. then the mechanical chain base as well.. still learning photoshop stuff.. what learn about the adobe photoshop was the fourth edition and mine was 3.2 edition i guess.. it totally different.. i cant find what i want from fourth edition in 3.2 edition.. i'm trying to create the scene which inside Gundam Seed series when Lacus give Kira the freedom gundam..

ah!!! found some great angle for the full burst shot.. a lot better than last time.. the first time i made that pose was so hard in terms of balancing but now seems a lot better and faster.. i remember that i took few hour to figured it out how to make the pose better when i first bought this kit.. show off some extra decal as well but too bad a lot of sprue marks have not clean :(
i for got about that..

my old MG freedom still sitting in the box.. thinking of customizing the color scheme.. but gotta master the spray technique first.. enjoy the pics..


Anonymous said...

Sweet work on the model. Nice choice of decals too ^^. I like how the very first pic replicated the scene from the anime very accurately.

Q said...

It's nice to see your second Freedom there with its debut scene as well as the catapult launching pose there~ Btw are those official Bandai decals or custom ones? Don't seem to recall them on top of my head.

But as usual, great poses and pictures there~

seven6398 said...

fudoushin: thx man..

Q: thx.. all the decal is come together with the kit.. i use the extra decal applied all over the kit.. almost half of the number of decal is extra decal.. still there are some decal which i'm not apply to.. those are for shoulder..

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get that hanger, it looks fantastic.

seven6398 said...

anonymous: the hanger is from kotobukiya.. i got it from times square..

Anonymous said...

Hey, Seven! I just saw pictures of your Freedom in Facebook... I don't know if it's your accout or you permitted that.. Anyway, here's the link:

seven6398 said...

anonymous: thanks for your information.. i didn't permit him to post those pictures.. and he also post Z's pictures too.. since he is not claiming anything.. i think it shouldn't be any problem.. anyway.. thx again..


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