Sunday, April 19, 2009


remake actually.. am i crazy??? i guess yes.. i screw up my full burst and normal MG Strike Freedom.. decal on sprue marks.. wrong color for sprue mark and cover with industry top coat.. for both version.. the part inside the wing also screw up.. it just cant turn nicely and stuck.. so.. this time must take more patient to prevent all trouble.. planning to paint all inner frame with gold gundam marker this time.. but still worry that it will fade off when time goes by.. should i get gold color from tamiya.. which one. damn confusing.. i never use those tamiya paint before..

i've been thinking of buying the MG Strike Freedom extra finish version at first but after i saw the review from some parts of the inner wing are not come in coated gold.. and the price even higher than the full burst version.. i decided to go back to the full burst.. at least i get extra parts haha..


Q said...

Wow you got yourself a second Full Burst mode... So you really do mean it when you said that you are going to redo a Freedom. O_o

Btw yea Extra Finish is worth 10000 Yen (one of the few that breaks over 4 digit in terms of pricing), so I doubt many would actually consider getting that.

Mike said...

u're blardy rich man! I also screwed up my FBM's wings' inner structure. And the cement I used was overflowing and sticked the whole thing =.=;
Really wanna RMK, but no $$$

seven6398 said...

Q: hehe.. i never thought im going to do it so fast too.. since the MG Sword Impulse not coming here so fast.. i use up all the money plan for gunpla and others as well for this..

Mike: hehe.. not that rich.. now i'm really broke..haha.. guess i'm not the only victim.. haha.. no matter how many times i check from the review.. i make the same mistake twice.. so how is yours now? can it fix?

beamknight87 said...

Mmm if you are referring to the wings of the SF the connector that attaches both the inner and outer wings tends to deteriorate incredibly fast, as it is actually a flaw from the model itself, so if you play around changing poses of the wings too often expect them to become extremely loose.

In my opinion I think you should have used that money for a different MG but oh well, I can't blame you for trying to redeem yourself with a model you screwed up by building it again (I did with the Avalanche Exia after screwing up my first Exia lol).

seven6398 said...

the parts actually not loose but too soft.. when i try to turn it.. is change shape and the grip become loose.. at the wing there is more worse.. i don't know how to describe it but it just stuck..

since i have no plan to get any new kit except the MG sword impulse which may have to wait for another month.. it is a good time to get the kit that i want to remake so that i won't feel like missing something..

ako07 said...

Try 18k Gold effekt RJ Bosny if it;s available in ypur area,

trust me, it's just like the bling on FBM

examples of it

seven6398 said...

ako: dude.. that gold really impressive.. must try on other kit soon..


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