Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lesson for gunpla photograhy

first.. before go in to topic.. some update about the author of this blog.. me.. having exam these two weeks.. so.. can't actually do anything on my gunpla stuff.. just sitting here reading all the news come from G.G after the ending Nk's Blog.. found that Gunjap provide news as well..

so.. found this at G.G.. the title was "how to photograph a gundam exhibition".. interesting.. I've been asking around how to get this type of photos and seems that most of my colleague can't answer me that because they focus on portrait shots or landscape shots rather than this tiny little gunpla shots... i thought it all due to the flash and shutter speed to create this kind of shots means at least i have to get a semi pro camera with hot shoe or a DSLR.. but after seeing this method.. guess my little digital IXUS 55 can do this kind of effect as well..

so.. these are the material needed for the set up.. the only thing i'm concern is how much will the light cost? and where can i get it cheaper.. i've been thinking of table lamp..
so.. first lesson.. direction of the light.. mm.. thats cool..
so.. if you want dim light or lower the brightness.. add a filter on it.. looks like some kind of paper..
then.. to make the light effect more even.. add a reflector at the back.. and now.. most of the shadow reduce..

see. you only need a normal digital camera there.. and a tripod..

i'm not sure what set up is this.. but it definitely a expensive set up.. not talking about the camera but where to get all this stand and so many bulb..
i guess the top white thingy stuff is also another reflector to even the brightness and reduce the shadow.. alright..done here..

pictures are from G.G..

back to study..


kaymaroo said...

great! normal digtal camera can do but still need to get the light, the filter, tripod n lot of other stuff.. hurm but that a method how to get a great photo without use DSLR camera rite?

seven6398 said...

Kaymaroo: of course the DSLR rulez.. but for those who don
t have DSLR can try this method to get good photo.. some more those stuff can be cheap if able to find alternative way on holding it such as the light bulb replace by table lamp.. normal paper as filter.. pla plate as reflector.. the only hardest stuff to get is space.. haha..


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