Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom

first.. i think for those who follow the WIPs will know that this kit should have larger back wings when it complete.. well.. i will tell the story why it complete without additional wings later..

so.. here is the summary of the work..

additional pla plate armors on:

-waist front skirt


-pla plate 0.5mm
-surfacer 1000
-Mr.color gloss black
-Mr.color orange
-Gaia red (mix with Mr.color orange to create darker orange)
-Mr.color gray
-Mr.color white (mix with Mr.color gray, Mr.color white and Mr.color black for weapons)

i'm not using much color for this color scheme.. the color scheme will just look simple.. enjoy the pics..

i didn't make much pose on this kit also.. the reason is also my lesson from this kit.. i didn't concern much on the articulation when i adding the armors.. lots of failure occurred in this kit which have made me wrap up on this kit so fast.. i have think of rebuild the additional wings as well but i'm just to bored to stuck in this kit and rather move on to next kit..

so.. here is the reason why i didn't put on the wings..
first.. the measurement of each part of the wings are not consistent.. means that the size can't fit well.. i'm still try to accept it.. and try to sand it.. i didn't sand it well on the surface which cause the surface look scratch badly.. i thought i can use the surfacer to cover it.. but it isn't work.. even after i applied few layer of surfacer and paint.. GDI (god damn it).. and the painted original back pack looks even better than these wings.. so.. i decided to left the wings and keep the back pack in the original shape..

hope you guys enjoy..

and this.. is the original look..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

Nice One :D the armors are looking great! looking forward to another 2 CGUE ^^

seven6398 said...

ZD: thx.. this is another great experience.. hope i won't do that much mistake on the next two CGUE.. but i'm going to work on the MG ZZ first.. yeah..

Busterbeam said...

you did a good job! i like you poses and you camera work. nice colour scheme, nice mods, good mech choice. I'm impressed!

chrismandesign said...

actually the colour scheme of this guy fits him very well Seven (leaving aside the detail cover issue of black paint), this C-GUE is a good looking mecha, though i dunno nothing bout him (i mean, his story in the respective anime series)... it makes me wonder how it will look as an MG kit uhmmmmmm ??? lot of picks there, i´m planning to do more photo shots on my next MK when they arrive to my brand new crowded schedule... hehehe XD

chubbybots said...

We all learn through mistakes man, so I am sure you learn a great deal from this build! Looking forward to your MG ZZ ^^

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx.. i'm using new method for the lighting for the pictures actually..

Chris: thx.. MK?.. you mean MK 2?

Chubbybots: thx.. stay tune.. WIP coming soon..

chrismandesign said...

hehehehe, not MK 2 Seven but Model Kits... The Mark II is a great kit but i like something more rare & he looks a bit "classic" for my taste =)


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