Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The October lootz

well. nothing much on October.. just a MG Zeta Plus C1 according to my wishlist.. guess i'm just got one down finally.. next will be MG Hyakushiki.. damn.. the price for MG Hyakushiki rise again.. last price i saw was about RM150 but now is RM 169.. i thought the currency for US dollar drop will lower the price but the Japanese yen seems getting stronger at the same time.. have to watch some financial news.. haha.. still got lot of kits not build yet.. and still buying extra kit.. zzz.. wish i have more time to build all of them.. as fast as Z.. haha..

so.. these are what i bought:

-MG Zeta Plus C1
-Mr.Surfacer 1000
-Mr.Surfacer 1200
-Mr. Color Gloss black
-Mr. Color orange yellow

oh.. finally.. back to Mr.surfacer 1000 and now even better.. the 1200 version.. seems i can get more fine surface.. haha.. the Mr.Surfacer 500.. almost dry up.. yeah..
damn it.. i can't find the semi-gloss or mat black.. gloss black?.. mm.. quite hard to handle as from my experience.. and i was looking for the orange color but only able to get this orange yellow.. i saw another similar color but it's not orange and its yellow bla bla bla.. but looks like orange too.. haizz.. never mind.. try it out first..

gotta slow my post speed a lot now.. final coming next week.. only able to recover to the normal speed at the end of this month.. and i guess most of you still mourning for the close down of Nk's blog.. haha.. well.. i'm not use to it now as i visit his blog twice a day..


see you on the next post..


chubbybots said...

Yen is getting way too strong, even for myself I have to hold out on ordering online...

And good luck for your finals!

seven6398 said...

chubbybots: we just too small to affect the currenct.. haha.. anyway.. thx..


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