Saturday, October 16, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 6

first phase.. complete..

haha.. the first part of painting complete.. it's been a while that i didn't touch my airbrush and compressor.. lot of dust.. even at the nozzle.. which make me hard to paint at first and create lot of bubble on the surface.. luckily it was happen during the surfacer process and most of the parts can be recover after i fixed the airbrush and apply another layer of surfacer on it.. but the worse part are the pla plate.. i sand all the pla plate parts but most of the paint screw up at the edge of the pla plate.. i don't know why.. any help?..

i feel that the front chest armor that i created was not nice after the painting process.. so i plan to make another one soon.. but do you think that this way look nicer?..

two questions here.. need your help..

will be back..


divinelight said...

woah, neglacting your airbrush for a long time is not good. I got mine clogged, and can't be used to paint when I left him about 2 weeks. the paint residue dried inside...

for the edge of plaplate, what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

did you mean the paint on the edges worn off? prime it first?

seven6398 said...

divinelight: you can still repair your airbrush by pumping lots of thinner into it.. how bout the air?.. did the air still can come out from the airbrush?.. if can't then it will be difficult..

the edge means that the corner of one side of the surfacer to the other side (look from the side way, in between the vertical surface and horizontal surface)..

Anonymous: no.. the paint didn't worn off.. but the other way.. like over paint.. thats what happen when i prime it.. maybe it was due to the cutting process.. i didn't sand in proper way on the cutting area..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

so the paint accumulated at the edges? i see.. try putting the paints by thin layers.give a thin layers, wait it dries and then repeat.

the armor didnt look good? maybe it is plain? try putting some more shaped plates for details

just my 2 cents ;)

divinelight said...

the air could flow, but not the paint. well I've brought the airbrush to the store and is repaired. the only problem is it can't be turned off, so basically I have to turn compressor off to stop the flow. kinda pain the neck.

for the edge, overpaint is because the surface is still rough, I think. you need to sratch with sand more. and maybe zoidiect way gives better too.

and for the arm, I think you'd better fix the seamlines, because arm seamlines are one of the easiest to be cured, not like in the head (I hatteeee it anyway).

and for color, for my own opinion, black is detail killer, so I'd try hard not to use black, because even your detail is good, noone could see it except staring in near distant.


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