Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half month gone and here is why?

first.. i gotta say.. OMFG.. remember i said i cant access to my blog last month?.. i think i know why.. now.. new template from bloggers.. i feel it is more simple and easy to use than the old one.. and the good thing is most of the stuff is remain the same.. good job bloggers.. 

alright.. get back to the topic.. half month gone.. where to.. one week for exam.. one week for wireless router problem which make me can't access to internet at home.. luckily i still able to access internet in other place but just.. troublesome.. even though i can clear some of the gunpla news, facebook addiction and my "mailbox".. it was happen during my exam.. the good thing is my internet addiction was prevented so i can fully concentrate on my study but the bad part is.. i can't access some of the information for my study from internet.. i will still choose study with internet.. i'm missing those Touge battle video now.. and the god damn internet line is dying again.. 

while i was "absent" in this "internet world" for 2 weeks.. it should be a good emptiness to come out with some great stuff which is something shown in the picture.. 

some sneak peak before the real thing complete.. 

YEAH!!! the painting process for the MG Rezel is almost complete.. only few part left.. i was thinking to finish everything by next week due to my job.. again.. but luckily there were some changes which give me some slot for this weekend and i think i should be able to finish it by this week.. 

apart from that.. there are lot of thing happen last week in gunpla world.. lots of disappointment and then.. seems there are some hopes again.. but the answer will only review by 25th of June.. you know what i'm talking about right.. my point of view about what happen recently will be up here soon.. 

and since i lost the first half month.. i think i have lot of thing to catch up.. and i think i need to bring more exciting stuff in soon.. and more frequent.. so..stay tune..  

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