Sunday, June 19, 2011

MG Rezel Custom Complete

the wait is over and here i present to you MG Rezel version mine.. this time.. i try different thing.. first.. add in more patience.. haha.. on sanding the pla plate.. the second thing is the new photography technique which i use different lighting style.. so.. before i move in.. i will show the material summary first.. 

-Mr.Surfacer 1000 and 1200
-Mr.Color flat white
-Mr.Color metallic black
-Mr.Color cobalt blue
-Mr.Color character blue
-Mr.Color metallic blue
-Mr.Color red 
-Mr.Metal alluminium
-Pla Plate
-Enamel dark blue (for the lining)

and the color scheme that i made from the color summary:

-metallic blue (look more like a normal blue cause lack of metallic blue and it mix with all the Mr.Color blue)
-metallic black (direct to the inner frame)
-silver (the back pipe)
-red (the thrusters)
-light blue (made from all the blue combination with flat white)
-white (from the flat white)
-dark blue (mix all the Mr.Color blue with Metallic black)

alright.. enough for the color stuff.. now.. move on to the kit.. like usual.. most of the detail of this kit cover from the WIP 1 and in here.. i will share more on the articulations and poses.. then my customization to this kit.. and let start with articulations.. as i said according to the poses in the boxart.. this kit can't pose well due to the peg joints.. and i broke one of it and it can't transform into wave rider mode anymore.. unlike the HGUC version.. most of the joint of this kit are quite tight and solid.. even better the MG Zeta ver.2.0 but the only problem i get are the peg joints which prevent me to get some dynamic pose.. other than that.. most of the joint contribute well to the articulation.. regarding on the pose.. and the best pose for this kit.. from me.. will definitely go for the normal ground standing pose.. air??.. erm.. no comment.. but this MS is made for air combat and therefore.. it can only pose well in the air.. ground?.. erm.. again.. no comment.. i totally give up on the ground pose since i broke one of the peg joint.. so.. poses.. guess you will need to do some cropping photography angle style to make it look great.. 

my customization on this kit.. like usual.. adding lot of pla-plate.. and this is the part where i said i made some different.. i try to sand most of the pla-plate after i added it.. but still.. i forget some of it.. and it is my first time of using enamel paint to apply the panel line.. i choose dark blue because that was the color i can get in Times Square last time.. and it seems not working well.. maybe the ratio is handle well.. i use 1.0mm driller for most of the whole (i just get a newer set of drillers which are much more smaller).. what next?.. the color scheme and that's all.. 

after paint.. before decal.. 

trying out the lighting and the effect of lighting to it.. 

and here we are.. the new photography lighting i'm talking about.. remember the post about the photography lighting here.. i try to execute it but it seems not success.. i can't make a natural background from the lighting effect.. so i use back the black background but i use the white color for the ground.. which can i think it give better effect overall.. even though i can't get the same result.. the lighting effect did satisfy me.. soften the main light and support with soft light in the other side.. try get on the link i put it at "here" for more details.. and for now.. lets check out the pics.. 

alright.. that's all for now.. will fix the rest of it's link soon.. those who got this here first.. enjoy.. and i will post it in other place soon..

on the next post.. something related to gunpla thought.. more on assembling process.. my opinion on the gundam series release will be coming after the gunpla thought.. stay tune..


chrismandesign said...

thumps up for ur Rezel "ur-version" Seven =) & thumps down for the broken peg =(... actually is a pity that because of this problem it can’t b transformed anymore... a Zeta successor without transformation is something like a "Ze" or a "Ta" (LOL)... i saw u kept the colour scheme pretty neat =)

Gundam Gunso said...

The colour scheme is pretty awesome. And the lighting itself gives it a sinister feel to it... XD

seven6398 said...

Chris: all was due to my stupid-ness on assembling process.. it does feel "missing something".. what i can do now is getting the commander version asap.. and swap the backpack to make a normal unit in wave rider..

GUndam Gunso: thanks.. sinister?.. mm.. great.. i think i should get a antagonist gundam kit and apply this kind of lighting.. it should be perfect for it.. haha..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

another nice work from you, the only turn back for me is he lighting setup/. cant see the details you added to the kit well :(

Tsukinari said...

Nice!.. good job on your MG Rezel Custom XD.. the color scheme is really nice.. I like it alot... ^^ it would be much better if got good lighting setup ^^

seven6398 said...

Zd: i got it.. i think i over "soften" the light.. i think i need a stronger light or less thinner diffuser next time..

tsuki: thanks a lot man.. haha.. the V-fin idea was copy from your Rezel which done by ZD.. hehe..

Tom said...

Shouldn't the ReZEL be a version 76398? XD
Looks pretty good, but the lighting could be a little stronger at some angles.

seven6398 said...

Tom: great.. i think i really need to do that on the next Rezel kit.. XD..

Tember Gundam said...

Looks sweet man, the paint came out excellent!


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