Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom WIP 2

i try to finish it as soon as possible but the problem is.. my paint inventory doesn't allow me to.. running out of white color and thinner.. i try out some new thing actually..

 the first picture.. i'm using the industry use thinner (cheapest thinner which only cost RM 3 per-bottle with.. about 250ml if i'm not wrong).. this type of thinner is stronger than the normal thinner from Mr.Hobby and Gaia paint.. i will only use it for cleaning process normally (airbrush, empty bottle and other).. definitely not recommended to apply directly to the model kit without any mixtures (pure).. it can erode the plastic.. badly.. part of that.. the surface of the paint created by this type of thinner won't as smooth as the modeler thinner.. and it is not good for adding panel line.. it dry fast but since the surface become rough.. it might be good for matte surface.. (try at your own risk)..  
other than trying out the low cost thinner.. it had been long time i didn't use gundam marker in detailing process.. i won't paint most of the join since it already come in metallic black (it look grey in the picture).. there are lot of "hydraulic" pump come in this kit.. i'm not as good as NgeeKhiong.. i will try to make it simple.. 

the problem i don't have enough paint or modeler thinner is because of one reason.. running out of money.. and since i can't continue this project this two weeks.. i have to start or continue or revive some other project and it will be review soon.. guess what it is?..


Tom said...

Hmm, I'm not sure what kind of paint Mr. color is, I do know for sure that you can thin Tamiya Acrylic paints with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol).

seven6398 said...

Tom: got it.. erm.. how much it is?


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