Wednesday, June 22, 2011

gunpla thought

this may sound a bit boring, pointless or unnecessary.. but i still want to share it out.. alright.. do you know that building and customizing gunpla come in different level and each level consist of different stage.. i know i'm not qualify to said that what we use to called pro level, rookies, semi-pro or bla bla bla.. i think i should call it as 

-straight build
-minor detailing
-heavy detailing
-minor customization
-heavy customization.. 

and each of this level consist of different stage such as 

-clean assemble with just panel line and foil sticker
-painting some unpainted area from the original OOB
-painting part that require foil stickers
-decal and markings
-sanding and clearing nub marks
-painting entire kit (airbrush or hand paint)/(original color scheme or customize color scheme)
-customizing with additional part form from epoxy putty, pla-plate, parts from M.S.G and etc... 

-and lastly.. diorama.. (another level and stage)

most of us enjoy and hate different stage in different level.. example like straight build level.. i use to enjoy the assembling process since this level will normally consist of clean assemble with panel line and foil stickers, decal and marking.. it can be said a stage that only required nipper or side cutter, gundam markers and sand paper to clear nub marks.. once move into the next level such as minor detailing or minor customization.. part that i enjoy will be painting the unpainted area, try not use foil stickers and more panel line.. that is the level i hate the stage of assembling and applying foil stickers.. after sometime where i always stuck in some process for too long which make me spend too much time for the same kit.. that is the time i prefer the assemble process back.. i will feel bored after spending too much time on the same kit which is the part we need to put more patience into it.. but at the same time.. new kit coming in and can't wait to start another new project and that is why there are some many undone WIPs out there.. so.. for now.. i do like the assembling process back due to two reason.. starting a new kit and also consider the most simple stage cause what you need to do is following the manual from the kit.. sound weird isn't it.. but of course the best part will be the last part.. posting the complete kit to the internet and share with others.. which level i fall in now.. i will say depend on what and how i execute the new project but for now.. i never make any heavy detailing and customization yet.. i don't even have a proper weathered kit yet.. i guess that explain where am i now.. 

and i'm enjoying the assembling process now.. what kit.. let the picture tell you.. 

25th of June coming soon.. 3 more days to go.. a new gundam series coming soon which i will also make a post for that.. and one week later will the fall of Transformer third movie.. haha..

i guess you all know what my next two posts are.. stay tune..


LEon said...

Good point there. I am still in the noob stage. Hardly even paint. LOL lot of Un-assemble kit...

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

as for me, i have yet to do a very heavy mod, in example massive detailing like Ver-Ed Zetas.

custom paintjob- a lot
weathering- Jegan, and it looks bad ^^;;

detailing- a lot, but pretty much subtle.

heavy mod- so far, maybe my Sonsaku. first time to give overall change to a SD kit

seven6398 said...

Leon: need some help for your Un-assemble kit?.. haha

Zd: honestly.. with your level.. i'm sure that you can make some heavy mod since you already master proportion correction, building joints and rebuilding some parts.. some more you know how to use tools and material like epoxy putty.. it shouldn't be hard for you if you focus on one kit.. just like your sonsaku.. :)

chrismandesign said...

classifications... i will paint my kits just for fun with any criteria in mind & i’m planning to do a sort of weathering (without destroy or damaging any part, no way) when my skills let me do that... so, my level ??? whatever u want & i’m not planning to participate in any contest, just to give a personal feeling to my kits, that’s all =)

Anonymous said...

I'd be falling into the first group as my kits will be in active duty. Any detailing will get damaged.

Then again, I did (semi)scratch-build a figma waist joint...

Luffy d Munkey said...

i'm under minor detailing, sadly havent the time to paint :S

chubbybots said...

I know exactly how you feel man...cycling between heavy modding projects and back to straight builds haha..the enthusiasm can just wear off if you work on a kit for too long...(I am very guilty of this!)

That is why now i revert back to straight build with minor detailing hehe..

seven6398 said...

Chris: well said my friend.. haha.. it is true.. back to the basic.. as long as we like it..

bd77: always bring them to live..

Luffy: we will always in move..

seven6398 said...

Chubbybot: we are in the same situation i guess.. haha

Blacksun88 said...

i dont have much time and chance to lay my hand on gunpla nowadays, but i must say i enjoyed the process of assembling and minor detaling with panel line... the only stage i hate? when something go wrong ><


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