Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom WIP 3

alright.. i'm stuck again.. running out of blue this time.. and the blue color recipe required at least two types of blue color which is the cobalt blue and character blue.. might add metallic if you want to.. damn.. 

facing another problem now.. whenever i try to draw panel line on this lacquer paint.. once i do a mistake.. that's it.. i can't do anything other than re-paint the whole thing.. and this kit require lots of panel line.. the worse part is.. seamline.. it was all contribute by the inner part joint.. damn.. any help for me?


Anonymous said...

hi, ZD's here, alzy to login to my blogger account XD
well, lining on lacquer paint, nothing will be easier than doing panel line wash. enamel thinner/zippo oil will have zero reaction on lacquer paint

Anonymous said...

why not use real touch markers they work well on painted surfaces and can be erase easily if mistakes are done

seven6398 said...

ZD: thx man.. i got it.. but i still cant get the right ratio with zippo oil.. zzz

anonymous: real touch marker.. sounds great .. do you have extra information for me to get it?

Anonymous said...

ZD here, anyway, dont care on the ratio. lining isnt the same as painting, as even for me, when lining, i just put a drop of enamel paint and then spam zippo oil till it is very very thin.that how we need it, as we want the ink/paint to flow smoothly in the groove

Tom said...

You can try using a clear gloss coat after the color paints are done drying, and then do a panel line wash.

seven6398 said...

ZD: but sometimes the paints seems not mix well withe zippo oil if it too thin in the ratio.. i think i need to try it again..

Tom: i haven't try that method but its gloss coat same as normal laquer paint in terms of it chemical reaction?.. sorry.. just asking.. not sure about it..

David John Shewsbury said...

Wow... u also have this Hi Nu Gundoom


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