Thursday, July 28, 2011


with 8 days of absent from the blog.. it seems a bit unhealthy for the blogs.. i try make at least one post every week but seems like i failed last week.. from the previous post.. you can see that i'm having problem with my paint supply and most of my projects stucked.. i can start another new project until my paint issues solve actually.. but having too much new projects is unhealthy to my current gunpla building process too.. about the hangar i'm building?.. i need to move it into paint process for more encouragement.. haha.. but again.. i don't have enough surfacer.. one good thing is most of these issues will be solve by next week.. and all the project should continue by next week..  

so what i'm doing recently?.. reading up all the post from you guys.. you might find weird that why i actively visit your site recently (for those who "blog").. 

that's all for this month.. see you all on August.. and lastly.. i want to share this out.. 

damn.. this GPB-D unicorn look damn good.. make me want to paint one in MG version..

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Q said...

Trying to stay consistent on blogging is not easy. I am finding that a bit hard too, but it's great to see those of us continuing to blog after so long. Hope we can keep up!

Btw that's quite an interesting scheme for the Unicorn. More "traditional" Gundam-like scheme I'd say :o

Evaritus Lau said...

Commitment on the blog is hard though, since you have your life as priority 1st, even I had such problem, posting at least 5 per month is very difficult already, especially related to my interest.

That Unicorn looks "tasty" heh !

Gundam Gunso said...

Consistent blogging is not easy as the rest of us bloggers can attest to that. It is the passion that keeps us going.
Anyway the colour scheme of the Gundam is very eye-catching. I like it very much. XD

seven6398 said...

Q: yeah.. we need to keep it up.. but one for sure is.. the growing of the new gundam blog is diminishing.. i feel..

Evaritus: that is the main reason.. our life.. it got a lot of factor affecting us for blogging.. i'm moving to working life soon.. not sure how huge is the impact will be..

Gundam Gunso: yeah.. i agree with you.. passion is the key..

Tom said...

Well, you'll pick up again once you're in the groove. And that Unicorn looks so Nu Gundam-ish! But it's pretty badass.


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