Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Gundam Thought

alright.. i'm sure we all read most of the latest news about gundam and gunpla.. and this post.. will mainly focus on two topics which is the new gundam series called Gundam Age and Gundam The Origin.. 

First.. i was thinking that how many years we have waiting for another new gundam series after Gundam 00 (Gundam UC not counted since it is part of the UC).. erm.. two years?.. one and the half?.. and after that.. giving us the Gundam Age.. most of us feel disappointed about this new series where it appear that the story more like a children cartoon than military adult anime.. i guess Sunrise, Bandai or the the series creator realize it.. when i saw this announcement.. it remind me that there was a Sd gundam series released before where the story, character and other stuff are more toward to children.. so.. is this the cycle?..what ever it is.. we don't know how good this new gundam series can be.. so.. i will not comment anything on it but base on what i saw.. the main gundam more like gundam O with changing form ability which like Kamen Rider Black Rx (normal for., mechanical form and hydro form).. XD.. than the unknown alien.. similar to Vajra in Macross Frontier.. and just like Gundam 00.. merchant item flowing out before the actual series release.. and it even possible to receive MG treatment soon.. and the Megasize already rolling out.. i was wondering that if there are many people don't like this new series.. who will buy it merchant item.. unless the story from the series able to convince those collector.. i'm sure Bandai realize this.. so.. we might have hope that this series will not fail us.. or else.. it will fail it merchant item too..

so.. second topic.. "Gundam The Origin" will be animated.. erm.. so.. it will be the original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 story right.. and this means.. it is high possibility that not much new Gundam will be design out since it "had been design out".. so.. the only new gundam design that we will receive will from Gundam Age.. and that's it.. i'm a bit confuse on this "Gundam The Origin" series (I'm even confuse that how should i call this series).. so.. Sunrise is going to make the Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 into high quality anime or re-make the whole story out with similar quality like Gundam UC.. we all know that the Mobile Suit Gundam 0079's shape right.. haha.. I was hoping for other thing actually.. but if there is another gundam series coming around the same time with Gundam Age.. nobody will watch Gundam Age if the series is better than Gundam Age.. nobody will watch this new gundam series if it worse that Gundam Age.. if we able to think like this.. and with the indication of the "6/25" banner which show RX-78 face.. we should know how will it turn out.. we just need confirmation..  and now we have it.. 

What do i think about the coming gunpla release?.. erm.. Don't know.. will post it when i get more information about the coming release..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

gundam origin isnt the same as the Gundam 0079. yes, it is same, but story-wise, its a bit different. 0079 is written by tomino, while origin is from yoshikazu something, in which, if you read the manga, is slightly different from 00079. rx-78 in origin is more like a war machine, more weapon etc

seven6398 said...

ZD: i get what you mean now.. so.. it is basically similar story with different presentation style from different authors.. that is a good news..

Gundam Gunso said...

I do agree that the Gundam Age looks like a kiddie cartoon. Hope that the plot proves otherwise or else a lot of Gundam fans are going to be disappointed...

seven6398 said...

Gundam Gunso: lets see what will happen next.. but it already disappointed lot of gundam fans.. lol..


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