Monday, July 11, 2011

New Layout design


Alright.. after two days.. new layout with some additional function plug in.. you might notice there are some weird changes these two days as it is under renovation.. something pops out and something disappear.. 

you might feel the navigation is a bit different now as most of the link for my gunpla collection.. compiled and slot into different page.. i wanted to make this style long time ago but i don't have time to learn it.. and finally.. it's done.. 

there is also a new link section for gunpla community website.. found a lot of great things there.. works, tutorial.. anything..

as for the header.. still the same logo, artlines, and words.. but i try to match the header background as part of the entire blog background.. i'm using powerpoint to design and create it out.. so.. not much function i can use from there when i want to save the entire thing become a pictures.. of course.. if possible.. i hope the background of the header is transparent and only words and logo left.. and the planet won't look out of shape too.. but i'm really got no idea how to do it.. so.. i use half day to adjust the size of the of the header to match the background.. there should be other way that can make this done faster.. 

most of the words might seems too small and the color too dim.. but i feel it is more comfortable to view or read.. hope you all like it..

and this will be the new banner..

and i receive some surprise from google.. when i searching pictures for my blog.. the background of google suddenly pops out like this.. and i realize we can actually change the photo we want.. cool


Chris said...

The header is fine, but I found the planet on the content area a bit distracting because the white words over the white lining of the planet makes it harder to read.

seven6398 said...

Chris: you're right.. but i can't change the color of the font either dimmer or lighter cause the whole can be worse if i change it.. feel sorry bout the trouble..

Website Design Bahrain said...

The lay out designs are very nice.The deep colored lay out make the design very attractive.

seven6398 said...

WDB: thanks man.. nice to meet you..

Hire a magento developer said...

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Joomla Developer said...

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