Thursday, September 15, 2011

PG Strike Freedom Gundam Crazy Sales

Alright, time for the promotion. As I mentioned from the latest post, GK will be doing some special promotion for you and the available one will be PG Strike Freedom for the current moment. So, how to get the promotion?

1. play the video here, facebook or youtube.

2. follow the instruction from the video or what I told you here.

3. remember the code from the video.
4. there will be a countdown for this promotion

5. enter the code once the countdown complete and be the first two customers to enjoy this special promotion

terms and condition applied. 

So.. what are you waiting for?.. play the video now.. 

If you miss this, there will be more similar promotion coming in soon but if you plan to get a PG Strike Freedom; don't miss this!!! Follow this link for more information: Perfect Grade Strike Freedom

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