Sunday, September 25, 2011

MG FAZZ Sentinel Version review part 3

I keep on told myself not to stick anything ( no pla-plate), just scribe more panel line and.... i started to add parts from M.S.G and some additional parts from the gundam kit itself. What make me feel surprise is there are lot of extra parts from the gundam kit itself are usable ( i don't know how should i call those part).

Remember last post i mentioned about additional part to improve articulation, they also re-stock a lot of M.S.G parts.

So, my idea of modding this kit is simple, exclude painting process, my key mod for this gundam kit will be scribe out more panel line, add M.S.G part (extra parts from this kit as well) and drill some holes. No pla- plates, not kitbash and no armor cutting. From my study to Toymaker's FAZZ and Saku-Zion FAZZ, one similar mod for both of their FAZZ is the armor cutting especially the armors for the arms. I found another interesting mod from saku-zion's FAZZ is the extension of the neck joint which enable the head nod down lower. While saku-zion fixing flaws of the gundam kit itself, Toymaker go with his own concept which is strim down the size of the gundam kit while maintaining the original concept of the kit. I'm really admire both of them and i steal lot of idea from their work but I don't have the skill to execute those ideas.

Again, from the previous post I mentioned it is pointless for adding detail beneath the armors ( it just my own preference, some people like to do it and it look cool but I'm lazy for that, LOL). So, I will only mod on the armors.. kekeke.. lazy man style and this lazy method will save me lot of time as my next review kit arrive soon (next week).

Four M.S.G runners for different types of "???"..

FAZZ: who said i can't pose!!!

Well, I think that's all for the part 3. Exam coming soon, hope things will not get delay again especially this project but definitely not the RG Aile Strike.

See ya..

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