Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MG FAZZ Sentinel version Review part 1

First post for September and yes I’m back again. This will be the first month of collaboration in between Seven6398 and GK. And the first kit in our collaboration is.. THE MG FAZZ Setinel version. Boxart, manual, runners and other part will be show in this review .Part one of the review is done and hope you guys enjoy.
So, the MG FAZZ Sentinel version.. I don’t have much knowledge or information about this kit. All I know is it was from the Gundam S or Sentinel series. I thought that series was aired out in Japan but it only available in Manga if I’m not wrong and the MG FAZZ Sentinel version is another variation of ZZ or FAZZ gundam and it also consider as the mass production type of FAZZ.

Box Art
The box size is slightly thicker than the MG ZZ. If you own any armor messiahVF-25, the box size is quite similar to it. As what the box art show, the kit can’t pose much and it is not a very articulated kit.

It come with 31 x runners, 2 x wires, 1 x mesh pipes, decal, foil stickers and 2 x screws. If anyone of you planning to own this kit, the runners that come in this kit will not follow the sequence of ABC which means some of the runners is actually replace by the new runners such as the B runners is not include in this version but replace by other runners with additional parts and label as X or Y runners. So, don’t worry if you found some of the runners are not following the ABC sequence label. There are not much decals includes in this kit but it got more foil stickers compare to the normal MG ZZ.  

Snap and fit
First of all, most of the parts from this kit are large. Don’t scare by the size of the gundam cause it is not come with tons of small little tiny parts to build all the detail in this huge kit. Even though it is a full armor version but most of the armor parts are come in one large piece. The only assembling process that is quite challenging will be the legs and the mesh pipes. In order to fit the screw into the legs, the hole for the screw must be drill to increase the diameter of the hole so the screw can be easily fit it. The screw can be fit in to the hole without the drilling process but it will be a lot harder because the screw is not made from the hard or tough metal material which the screw head can be easily spoil (the shape of “+”). It is same to those MG Strike series. In terms of the mesh pipes, the most challenging part will be fitting the end of the pipe. It shouldn’t be a problem for experience modeler who deal with mesh pipe before but if this is your first time using mesh pipe, remember don’t over cut the mesh pipe and cut it properly.

Again, from the box art already indicate this kit can’t pose “much” even without the armor. This kit is not meant for better articulation or creates a lot of dynamic post. The origin of this kit was design for the ZZ transformation and also combination of all the mobile armors. And this sentinel version wills emphasis more on its armors and its huge hyper mega cannon. So, do not put much expectation on its articulation and please don’t hate this kit because it can’t pose because every kit have it own design concept.

In terms of its proportion, I can’t compare it with the manga version because I haven’t read this series yet. Sometime, the real kit has better proportion from the anime or manga such as MG Freedom. What I can say about the proportion for this kit is, it look quite dynamic (not aero dynamic) in term of a armor bulk MS. I do prefer the chest armors slim a bit because this original chest armors make it look a bit too bulky. One thing that I will pick this kit which was a mass production version (FAZZ Sentinel) than the main charater version (normal FAZZ) is gundam’s face. The head design for this FAZZ Sentinel version is different than the normal FAZZ or ZZ version especially the V-fin which longer and sharper.

It is an old kit, we cannot expect it have gimmick like lock mechanism, LED lightning effect or other super cool inner frame detail with super dynamic articulated structure. But this old kit have it own specialty such as the structure of the cockpit and have both MS cover and MA cover at the same place when the whole thing in MS mode. The other gimmick of this kit will be the full transformation to separate individual MA mode but I think the most special gimmick of this kit will be a bulk gundam still able to plug in with a lot of huge armors.

This is what i talk about, the armor parts are simple.

Additional missile in the left hand.

these are the only large part require for the leg armors.

Core block.

Individual part and also the abdomen armor that fit into (refer to the picture below).

The hyper mega cannon might look large but most of the parts are large too and don't be too happy about the magazines unit cause it actually have more magazines unit as show in the pictures below.

Core fighter kit and core block, same as MG ZZ which the actual MS itself have it own core block which can't transform into a core core fighter but i'm not sure not the core fighter can fit in into the slot for core block or not.

So, this is the part one of the review.

Second part coming soon. It will cover the topic of:

-potential for customize and paint this kit
-types of photography style for this kit
-other left over parts.

See ya.


Khaidir said...

i like the color of the Kit.. but is this worth Building? cuz might plan on it haha XD

seven6398 said...

khaidir: yes.. it is a beautiful kit.. and this kit have a lot potential.. and the structure of this kit is quite unique..

Tom said...

That's one big f-ing gun lol. What's the plan for this kit?

seven6398 said...

Tom: erm.. not going to add pla-plate on it.. might scribe more line.. and have some custom color scheme.. what do you think?

Evaritus Lau said...

Scribe more panel line would make it look better, since the kit itself already this bulky.

Anonymous said...

kinda look very bulky to me when going out to war but great build.

BlackSun88 said...

ah amazing review, it must be hard to take the photo one by one... good job"!


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