Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FAZZ Updates

Finally, it can stand on its own. Most of the parts are complete except the back pack and the weapon. I never expect the color scheme that i choose for this kit before the armor will look something like VPS off version mobile suit (from Seed) or RX-93 Nu. Luckily I decided not to add any yellow, orange or red in the color scheme or it look exactly like RX-93 Nu gundam color scheme but it already look like VPS off version mobile suit.

 Some close up shots.

These are the picture before the armor attach on and it turn back into this anymore after i attach those armors (i worry it will scratch). Actually, I had complete painting the armor piece as well but there are some problem occur on the side plat armor from the shoulders. So i decided not to show the armor version with color yet and make the teaser below.

It should be complete by this weekend, the most challenging part for me now is the Hyper Mega Launcher (or what ever name it called) cause i never work with that before and there are lot of large piece parts.

Stay tune for more.


Busterbeam said...

looking good man! i like it!

chrismandesign said...

man, the color scheme you chose is very classy and neat!!! i like the metallic blue accents... are you planning to put some decals here and there ??? i think some black and grey decals would look great... =)

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thanks

Chris: wait a minute, there are no blue color in it yet.. maybe the white balance of the camera make those white a bit blue-ish.. yes on the decal but i plan to use back the original decal which come with few pieces only.. and the decal are come in grey.. hehe.. but if you look at the armor color.. you might think differently on the decal color selection..


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