Saturday, November 19, 2011

GBWC Malaysia Full Coverage Day 1 and Day 3 (Judgement day)

Alright, here we have the full coverage of GBWC 2011 Malaysia on start on 18th November 2011 to 22nd November 2011. Well, as what I heard from the organizer said there were about 80 participants joining in. Although it seems not everyone coming in but there are lot of awesome artwork coming from the participants. As this is a GBWC competition, we can see the competition was quite fierce as lot of the "monsters" (as what we seen from the ZD's champion list) are coming with their masterpiece. You can check on the list from ZD about the selected winners. 

And as usual, sales for gunpla here was quite crazy with RM 83 for RG Aile Strike and a lot of more. If you looking for fair price in Malaysia, you may now try Litt Tak shop in Sungei Wang or you don't miss any event from them. Lets check out the pictures.:

Gundam Age promo video.


 As what we see from this pictures, the face of the gunpla world is changing. Even local distributors here starting to emphasize on modellers tools and supply which enable rookies (like me) can try lot of different crazy mod ( i hope i can do it)

Sample of upgrade part are shown.

Masterpiece from all participants start from here,

First, we have ZD's custom HG Strike Freedom, he won the title for HG category but he was not there when the he was called to claim his prize, haha. 

 Another awesome masterpiece, simple but unique. Small with lot of details.

what do you think?

Another masterpiece from ( i don't know). Gorilla Sinanju that build from mostly (scratch build).

 Remember the solomon express scratch build from Mr.Phoon, he actually create it with the diorama. Try to look at the texture of the entire diorama, the wave of the water, it is.. speechless.

Poor Thomas's track being step by Zaku, luckily it was not here, LOL.

 Masterpiece from Mr. Ting (owner of, the seller of the compressor i bought. Some people said it was a conversion kit. I'm not sure but what i'm sure is he always got the smoothest paint job. Clean and neat. I remember his advise, use the right thinner, surfacer, and be patient on cleaning and sanding.

 The champion, Jeff Ho. I thought he was HowardKhor, haha. My mistake. Julius Lim told me about that he had won many prizes few years ago. One of his greatest masterpiece was the Zeong that made from many recycle printers part if i'm not wrong.

 Angry gundam versus piggy zaku. Sorry Zeon fans. haha

 I don't who is him but he submit the form with me on the last day of registration. And he was quite good in King Of Fighter, LOL.

 Alright, here we have the monster. The only 1/48 scale entry and it made from Julius Lim. Try to look at the surrounding of the diorama, coconut three, railway and the rivers, it really give the Malaysia Kampung (village) feel.

the most impressive thing that i found from his diorama was the water that he made. I was lucky to have a short discussion with him when i ask him what he use for the water. He told me it was the clear resin from a artshop call "multifilla" in Balakong which near to where i live (Bandar Sungai Long). He also tell me lot of thing about other entry that which entry is from which participant and how many title that they have claim. Man, I'm really hope he can take me as his "pupil", haha.

And this is mine.

3rd day:

 I remember i saw some similar mod with similar color scheme last year but the base kit was not MG Death scythe (MG Wing Zero custom if i'm not wrong).

 Jeff Ho (on the left), the winner of open category and he will representing Malaysia to the GBWC in Hong Kong.
 Mr. Eric, one of the greatest modeller in Malaysia since (quite long ago).

 and the picture of Julius Lim with his son
 I can feel there are lot of monster here, lol.

And here we have all the winners. Congratulation.

As for me in this competition, i was hoping to get at least a consolation prize but looking at other work, next time maybe (not my turn yet) but i won't give up. It was a great experience from this competition. I know i'm not going to get anything there when i get there on the third day but surely, i get some experience and inspiration. Guess i need to work harder next time.


Zoidiect Archaea said...

nice report and coverage as usual bro! lovable photos too! :D and i gotta agree on the monsters part, it's like they are all there to blow your mind off XD

and FAZZ is great too, like the colors and painting ^^b

and yeah
>>but he was not there when the he was called to claim his prize, haha.

my biggest failure ever ^^;;;;

seven6398 said...

ZD: we're so close but we don't know which one is us.. haha.. thanks man.. hope we can meet each other in the next competition (we should call it gathering) haha..

chrismandesign said...

WOAH!!!... those are great modelers, they’re pros, i guess is not their hobby but their job LOL... moreover, i feel that the site where this event took place has not enough/proper light for the exhibition of this kind of stuff... i mean, if you must use flash (which usually ruins the pictures, specially when the figures are inside acrylic urns) then you don’t have enough light... is just my opinion... anyway these customizations are monstrous!!!

seven6398 said...

Chris: haha.. actually they has improve the lighting.. maybe my photos are a bit dark.. i use flash for all photos actually but mostly are indirect flash which i use diffuser to splash the light as supporting light.. with this method.. the reflection of the flash can be eliminated but sometimes it won't work well.. haha

Juliuslim said...

Hi seven6398 !
Great report & good to 'see" you again here :D
best regards.


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