Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MG FAZZ Custom Complete!!!

It took me almost three months to complete it. It was another huge project for me since this is a huge kit with lots of part. Luckily I complete an ZZ gundam before and i can complete the ZZ unit in this kit without armor faster than i thought. The armor piece is not hard for painting process too. Detail of the painting process comes later. First, lets check out the paint and customize area.

The main unit without the armor was using:
-White   (combination of Mr.Color White and Mr.Color Flat White)
-Black   (Mr.Color metallic black)
-Grey    (combination of Mr.Color white and Mr.Color Metallic black)
-Silver   (Mr.Color Metal Silver Chrome)
-Iron     (Mr.Color Metal Iron) for the inner frame and joints

Armor piece, Backpack and Hyper Mega Cannon:
-Blue    (combination of Mr.Color Blue and Mr.Color Metallic Blue)
-Black  (Mr.Color Metallic Black)
-Grey   (combination of Mr.Color White, Mr.Color Flat White and Mr.Color Metal Iron)
-Silver  (Mr.Color Metal Silver Chrome)

Base Coat:
-Mr.Surfacer 1000

Added Customization:
-Added M.S.G part
-Added extra part from the kit itself
-Added panel lines
-Decals are from the kit itself

It looks like there are lot of thing such as different types of paint, additional part from M.S.G and extra part from the kit itself. The color separation that i did also make me feels like i customize lot of thing into this kit. If you check the list, there are not much thing i added. I work mostly on the color separation and color scheme. What i emphasize more into this kit was added panel line that i scribe most of it in armor piece. That is what i done to this kit. 

In terms of the painting process, mostly are on the color mixing. Massive masking needed for the armors (the plastic for this kit is a bit too soft so i decided not to separate those part that have connected). As i mention, I painted ZZ gundam before which mean painting this kit without armor can be a lot faster than painting the armors. Leg unit is the most tricky part for painting which make my compressor overheat during the painting process. I usually separate the painting process into few session which chest, waist, arms and head in one session, legs in one session, armor piece in one session and backpack with weapon one session. All armor piece were painted in one session and my compressor overheat for two times during the painting process. The only thing i feel from the painting process was it need lot of time and patient as there are lot of large size parts.

In terms of photography for this, "simple" is the only word i can describe. Since this kit can't do much pose, all i need to do is getting the best angle of this kit. Other than angle, lighting is another element need to be concern. That's all for the photography session. Some part swapping needed.

this is my favorite photo.

I set the beam rifle on the left hand so that the right hand can handle the Hyper Mega Cannon easily.

Somehow, i feel the kit look better without Hyper Mega Cannon but i feel it miss something without it.

My score for my work should reach about 70% since the masking process was not done well but the color scheme turn out as what i expected. Hyper Mega Cannon was the the only part that I'm not satisfy much. The worse mistake i did was picking the wrong background for the photo session. I should use black as the background and white as the floor.

Lastly, the decision had been made for Bakuc Malaysia entry selection and yes; this kit will go into Bakuc Malaysia by tomorrow. So, those who attend Bakuc Malaysia can see this in real by tomorrow.

Next post, RG video coming up, stay tune.


Blitzstorm said...

looking forward to see your kit later on today =)

chrismandesign said...

now i understand why the paint scheme choice on the MS was mainly black, white and grey... the armor had the color accents (i dunno why i saw that fictitious deep blue metallic accents before LOL)... overall is a great job and this guy looks impressive =O... uhmmm i guess the masking process is always a pain, i must be prepared with tons of patience, but i will begin with something simple... oh and the overheat is a common problem with the tiny compressors offered for hobbies, is a bother!!!... my sincere congrats Seven =)

seven6398 said...

Blizstorm: i was wondering which one is you today.. did you participate?

Chris: i think the white balance from the camera make it look blue-ish for the MS.. i change it to large modeller compressor a while actually.. but the seller told that large modeller compressor do suffer overheat as well even it come with air tank.. haha.. and the seller also participate in the Bakuc Malaysia with it MG Sandrock

Zoidiect Archaea said...

looking forward to see this with my own eyes at GBWC =D

Tom said...

Loving the looks and the colors. :D

seven6398 said...

ZD: you will see it.. my kit is just stay below your kit..

Tom: thanks..


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