Monday, August 8, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom COMPLETE!!!!!

excited?.. yes.. definitely yes.. feel like just complete a highly detail customize kit.. in fact.. it is.. but not that advance.. i mean the plastic quality, joint and others.. first.. lets check out the material summary..

-Mr.Color White
-Mr.Color Flat White
-Mr.Color black metal
-Mr.Color metallic blue
-Mr.Color character blue
-Mr.Color cobalt blue
-Mr.Surfacer 1200
-Gundam Marker for panel line and hydraulics
-Decal (only one piece on the shield)


-White (mixture of Flat white and normal white)
-Blue (mixture of metallic, cobalt and character blue)
-Black (some of it are un-paint and some of it from metal black)
-Gold and Silver gundam markers
-Panel line gundam marker

first.. if you really plan to paint this kit.. make sure you ready to face on using masking tape a lot and enamel paint for lining but i use gundam marker for all of it.. and since this is not in original design.. masking this kit will not that easy.. the flat surface for this kit are lesser.. although it come with highly detail design.. it bring another problem which need a lot of panel line and some line must be done by enamel paint or brush rather than using gundam marker.. like what i said in the previous WIP of this kit.. there are many problem with the joint.. either too loose of too tight.. speaking about the loose joint.. mostly contribute from the shield.. as for the tight joint will be the connection in different parts.. proportion and design was very good.. more sleek and dynamic as compare to the original design either from MG or HGUC.. 

the biggest problem from this kit is the plastic material which is not tat sturdy.. then the articulation.. as what we saw from the manual.. it seems it can pose very well.. in fact it is not that well especially the peg joint.. the dynamic design make it look good in many simple pose.. even though some of the joint allow it to be well articulated but another  problem rise from it's design.. the weight issues.. without those fin funnel.. it looks more flexible as what the manual showed.. 

its looks like the picture was reflected.. i mean the kit hold it weapon on left arm and shield on the right arm.. the reason i change it was all due to my idiot act when i try to disassemble the manipulators.. i lost one of the part from the right manipulators that use to hold beam rifle and have the second finger right to the trigger from bazooka and beam rifle.. 

the first four shots were the test shots.. i didn't take much photo of this kit even though it can make a lot of pose with many different weapon combination but the articulation really killing me from doing that..  

as in close up.. you can see more flaws.. panel line that out of place.. seamlines and so on..

lastly.. don't underestimate the weight of this kit even though it categorize in HG or 1/144 model.. i like the vivid clear blue for the beam actually.. i might re-shoot and add more shots of this kit with its wing of light soon.. so.. stay tune.. and the last thing is.. 

the next post will be.. you will know soon.. 


chrismandesign said...

this kit has a lot of detail man but that could b double-edged sword... from a model kit u expect some good articulation features, but this guy looks great just standing there... sorry bout the panel lines, BTW have u ever used paint wash for panel details ???

Tom said...

Looks great, I think the dark blue suits Hi-Nu better then it's light baby blue.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

smooth painting as always! and loved the places where you tweaked the color from the original scheme :D

mrSeven6398 said...

Chris: i tried it on my MG Rezel before.. but the result is not favorable.. i think on trying this.. but feel gundam marker easier and faster.. end up.. like this.. haha..

Tom: thx..

ZD: thanks.. actually i got this color scheme idea from one of the Sazabi i found in but i lost the link..

Khaidir said...


Gundam Gunso said...

One word to describe this, Excellent! XD

Anonymous said...

Wooowwww... fantastic bro, like your job.. but hope next project myb u can do better and more unique to your model ;D

mrSeven6398 said...

khaidir: Thanks

gundam gunso: thanks..

anonymous: thx.. sure.. i'm trying to get some bandai kit and some clean paint job in future.. limiting the flaw.. haha

Unta Baghdad Singgang said...

nice work. i think im gonna try to bulid one but not the paint job. im still beginner. the paint job was awesome ;)


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