Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shopping Day

So..these are the place i visit most.. especially at the begining of the month.. when i received my salary.. what can i say??? these are the most famous place in Malaysia.. the place where we can get the most cheapest stuff to the most expensive stuff.. from the lowest class ( not that low anymore but middle low) to the highest class.. food, services, jewellery, cloths, collection, electronic stuff or i can say anything you need.. you can get it from there.. and the name of these place??? KL (Kuala Lumpur) as general, Imbi, Bukit Bintang, Ampang to be exact.. if you're an otaku in Malaysia.. especially live in Selangor.. i think most of you will quite familiar to these places that i show below..

Toys, figures, gundam, transformer, starwars, marvel, lego, etc....... info maybe.. anyone interested on these stuff.. here is the place..

need any anime, key chain, toys or poster

card game.. model kit..

transformer or other in limited edition??? not a problem..

army suit.. freaking figures (horror type).. big starwars figure..


favoutite stuff.. GUNDAM.. WUAHAHA

Army of Starwars, Autobots.. Sexy figures..

this is what i wish to own..

LEGO WARs!!!!!!!!

Pirates of the Carr...???

i don't know what kind of shop is this.. but all the wears inside looks like the black metal punk.. cool huh.. and it stated "members only".. if you can find people wear like this in other countries.. they're so cool.. but most of the Malaysian that wear these kind of wears.. we call them the new generation of LALA.. you will know what i mean if you're chinese.. but some of them really look cool..

hey heY HEY.. wanna do some trick to attract girls.. make an survey to this shop.. it may help.. the magic shop.. in times square..

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