Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Collection or ... ???

neighbourhood??? Nonono..

This is what i mean.. a t-shirt.. brand name called neighbourhood.. how much it cost??? few hundred ringgit for a t-shirt which its cost no more than rm 30 maybe.. to manufactured it..

That is the guy who wearing the that t-shirt neighbourhood.. the guy on the left on second picture.. friend of my in college.. classmate.. quite close to each other.. that stupid fellow on right is me la.. so.. guest how much is the jeans, t-shirt, and shoes in the first picture..

Answer is.. about 2k.. not surprise if you use to buy a lot of branded stuff.. or these could be the stuff for hobby or collection.. but if you are just a middle class people who bought the cloth or jeans or shoes for other purposes.. "common purposes".. common purposes??? cover your body la.. will that be expensive for you???
yes for me..

Do you know what the style of wearing that cloth called??? Streeting.. sounds cool huh..

Actually.. for a normal person.. like me.. maybe.. for sure will ask.. how come all these stuff so expensive??? answer.. just using a little bit of creativity, get a popstar to be the brand ambassador and produce at a limited unit to sell.. or should i called it marketing strategy.. worth it???

yes for collection
yes for a trade item since it is a limited unit for almost all the stuff
yes you really like the design or the brand Ambassador

no for common use if you aren't that rich
no as for your pajamas
no for me

What do you think??? or maybe.. What is your collection???

Hey.. don't think my friend stupid of buying that kind of cloth which i feel it expensive.. it is his collection.. so it worth for him..

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