Thursday, July 31, 2008

This month haul

RM165 for the MG zeta.. RM86 for 1/100 blaze zaku.. RM38 for the kotobukiya mechanical chain base.. and also red gundam marker.. total up RM299.. never imagine that can buy so much thing in RM300 (almost 10000yen)???.. this is it.. and also a free MG Shin Musha Gundam poster.. this is the only thing that i get from the bargain.. haizzz..

i was confusing whether i should get MG zeta or MG unicorn or MG shin musha since three of them come in almost the same price but at last i decided go up for the MG zeta.. if i got the MG shin musha.. for sure few month later.. my room will fill in by at least 3 to 4 MG Rx-78.. i don't think i have enough budget or space in my room yet.. MG unicorn??> bad articulation for the legs but for sure it will impressed my bro even he is not a gundam fan due to the detail of the inner frame which been expose out after transformed.. since i have Re-gz.. guess its better for me to start with all the Z series gundam.. and also need to continue for my Seed series as well.. as the rumor of MG for Authrun MS may release in Autumn..


Q said...

Ouch that indeed is a lot of money spent. Each item seems to be at least 10% more expensive than the original retail price though.

The rumour on MG Infinite Justice is indeed very strong. Which one of Athrun's Gundam are you looking forward the most?

Didn't know you've blogrolled me already. Would add you on my list as well!

seven6398 said...

haizzz.. no choice but that is the most cheapest i can get in Malaysia so far..

mm.. i don't think it is rumour anymore since the it appear in gundam expo.. what i doubt is the word "prototype".. mm.. i feel i want to get a MG Justice before MG Infinite Justice.. but it MG IJ also one of my favourite..


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