Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Want some Crappy Gundam or Figure

Found this in leisure mall.. it is an comic book shop actually.. next to a big video game shop.. that is how i got attract by it since i like to visit video game shop.. can found toys like transformer, spawn, gundam, figure, etc (some is original)... but most of the figure and gundam are not original which means it not manufacture by BANDAI but some other chinese company in China.. about the quality.. i think my title of this topic has told.. i'm just wondering why they want to imitate people and produce this kind of rubbish.. people always said things made in China is not reliable.. but most of it is reliable but why people still have that kind of thinking in their mind.. its all because of this kind of irresponsible imitation manufacturer who like to produce this kind of crappy thing la.. it affect much to the reputation of the original manufacturer but they just keep on spoil their own country reputation.. shall i say rubbish like to produce rubbish???

anyone know what is the meaning of "GODA" means??? if you are malay of course you will think that means obsess.. but actually it is a translation of chinese word and it should spell "GOU DAT" means gundam in chinese..

bigger and expensive than MG gundam and 1/100 size gundam.. interesting huh.. remind me of keita ( 1/100 sd strike freedom..

this is it.. all crappy figure and gundam.. but the transformer and spawn is original

another interesting thing.. 1/100 akatsuki.. chinese version.. come with silver coated version.. i feel its totally ridiculous..

Please.. somebody stop all this crappy production.. i'm really appreciate that..


Q said...

What made me laugh was the "Bank Fighter" SD Strike Freedom; it surely robs the money of people who buy them. ^^;;

And oh man silver Akatsuki claimed as a "limited release"? Wasn't expecting that either.

Interesting coverage on those bootlegs. Should made people more aware of the false goods.

NO TT GHD said...

not now not ever...


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