Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sd guan yu

holy shit!!! my top coat spoil the entire kit.. tell more about that later.. at first.. i was thinking what gundam will use for this famous hero.. i don't have any idea until i saw the leg looks like zz gundam.. guess zz gundam may suit this because it huge enough like the characteristic of Guan Yu which is very strong..

third pic.. for me it looks great.. haven't apply top coat on it yet.. means not "chut si" yet.. it means the bad things not happen yet in chinese.. but look at the last two pictures..

i was prepared for everything that need for top coat.. but the time was not allow me to make something better.. it is all about my nephew.. my mom was sick so i need to take care of him and.. baby always cry or make some noise when they sleep and suddenly awake.. and that was the time i'm half way applying the top coat.. so.. i gotta done it quickly without any checking or er.. something.. and end up... haizzz

i'm just don't have mood to take any photo of it anymore.. now i'm working on his brother.. Chang fei

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