Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Malaysia Taxi Drivers

have you take any taxi in Malaysia.. especially in KL.. i guess most Malaysian did.. and guess what.. i found something funny, nonsense and stupid here.. alright.. first.. there are two types of taxi drivers in Malaysia.. run on meter and not run of meter.. taxi driver who not run on meter.. i would say "fukk u" to them if they charge me more higher than the normal rate in that place.. of course i'm not going to say that in front of them.. haven't experience whack by whole bunch of taxi drivers meh???.. the taxi driver that run on meter.. please be careful if you don't know about the road and direction.. must ask them how to get to the place and imagine the any building near there or the map if you can.. if you really can't do that.. i'll suggest you to take the train or the bus..

ok.. here is the story.. my car was sent for service few days.. so i have to take public transport to college.. its very far from my home to college.. always need to change few different types of public transport to reach the college if i want to reach more faster and pay less.. so.. i take the bus to reach KL and going to change to another bus to my college which in Damansara.. as a Malaysian.. will always know that public transport in Malaysia for sure are always not that reliable and most are control by government.. so i decided instead of change to another bus which i need to wait for long time.. i take cab will be a lot faster.. since i know the road.. if i can get a taxi that run on meter.. it save me a lot of time and money.. so.. i reach to the first cab.. in KL Sentral near to the bus station.. i ask the place and do they charge on meter??? i called this first taxi.. and he answer me honestly.. it will charge me RM 25 for me to reach my college and he suggest me to get the taxi which will charge by meter near the monorail station "Brickfield" (quite near to KL Sentral, about less than 5 minutes walk).. so.. guess i'll just get a taxi from there.. and then.. another taxi driver ask me in an very very impolite manner "you need a taxi??" after about 20 steps away from the first taxi.. i ignore him at first but then.. since i'm in rush.. i'm just ask him how much and tell him about the place i want to go.. "RM 20", the second taxi driver answered.. then i'm just answered him back "ok", and i walked away.. then he yell and try to convince me ( or CHEAT ME) from my back ( not very loud by annoying) and said.. " it is the normal price charge from here".. what a stupid and rude taxi driver.. i'm just don't kno how to describe that situation.. their mother didn't teach them don't simply yell at the public.. fine.. just don't want to argue with him since there are many same type taxi driver around.. better not mess with them.. like i said "haven't experience whack by whole bunch of taxi drivers meh???".. ok then.. finally i reach the third cab which charge by following the meter machine or something.. and it only cost me no more than RM 6 from KL Sentral to my college at Damansara... first taxi.. RM25.. Second taxi.. RM 20.. third taxi.. RM 6.. which one will you choose.. come on man.. WHAT THE FUKING WRONG WITH MALAYSIA TAXI DRIVERS HAPPEN???

SO.. my conclusion is.. it can cost you less if you know how to deal with Malaysia Taxi driver.. and one last question.. isn't taxi driver should follow the meter machine to charge their passengers???

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