Saturday, October 4, 2008


just some kits from the part of my display shelf.. damn.. almost got no place to put all this kit.. and just a part( all the kits from the last picture).. i have spend about rm 800 for these.. ooo..

mm.. lets go back to the display shelf.. the original colour of the shelf was in brown.. i use mahjong paper as the background and A4 paper at the side to make the view brighter..


Anonymous said...

Nice. You definitely need more display room though!

seven6398 said...

yeah.. i think i need to wait 3 to 4 years until i have the money to renovate my room with more display shelf.. it always my dream.. haha

Q said...

Wow that's a nice collection of gunplas! I'd be in trouble finding space for them if I have that many.

seven6398 said...

q.. yeah.. you can have more space if you can redesign your own room.. not like me.. every single piece of furniture that i move must have permission from my mom :( ..


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