Thursday, October 2, 2008

MG Shin Musha Complete

what a steady kit.. "steady kit"??? it means a kit which do not need some extreme pose in some angle to make it look nice.. just with a normal standing pose could make it look nice enough..

i'm not sure should i called this kit bad articulation.. the part which can perform in terms of good articulation have block by other part.. the part that not block by anything have bad articulation.. luckily it have some a steady pose to prevent it.. but it also depends on the angle of shot.. i mean pictures la..

it have a clip on the palm which provide stronger grip but the weapon itself create a lot of problem.. the shape of this gun is nice to see but not nice to hold.. "once broken consider sold".. not for here la..

i was curious that why the sword doesn't come with a part for the clip from the palm like the beam saber from MG Impulse.. another weapon that not nice to hold..

i'm not sure what this weapon called.. maybe i should call it as a spear.. first time i saw it just make me feel this will be another weapon that hard to hold.. in fact.. this is the easiest weapon to be hold..

i guess this is a javelin.. and i have a opposite expectation from the spear.. and the result also on the opposite side..

i guess i won't keep this kit in the box while waiting extra space from my room to display it.. it is a shame to keep a beauty in the box..


chrismandesign said...

i love this kit, but in Sengoku No Jin version, specially for the beautiful diorama that comes with it... what a pity the one i mentioned is very expensive & i run out of money these days... =(

Anonymous said...

The 1st spear that you mentioned is called a naginata it is a traditional bladed spear in Japan, while the second spear is called a Jumonji Yari. Just a trivia =P. This is a awesome kit though.


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