Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MG Strike Noir

i got nothing to say.. i can see the potential of this kit to pose.. and even heard that this kit can make a lot of great pose.. but i'm just can't think to make any pose.. it is a very steady kit.. just normal standing pose.. it look cool enough.. in term of the balance from the back pack.. no complain.. thinking of using it's colour scheme for my MG Freedom..

the weapons was as advance and more compact as compare to IWSP back pack (the combination of all striker pack).. the machine gun from the head is a lot better than normal strike.. i mean it molded separately so it do not need paint for the machine gun..

it come with a lot of weapon which can't be store at the body at the same time.. so stupid.. pistol beam rifle was one of my favourite.. and even it come with different palms for different weapon.. the normal MG palm can do everything actually.. i'm just love this kit so much and never regret of buying it..


Lonely Paul said...


Q said...

Ah yes the Strike Noir... It was the first and only MG I've ever built so far (and it's not mine but my friend's), and it's definitely worth the time building it. Even without the Strike's and Duel's beam rifles, it's great with its beam pistols and anti-ship swords. The scheme is dark and sleek, no complains really at all.

seven6398 said...

hello lonely paul...

q: come on man.. you should get one for yourself too..

Emmet H. Sheil said...

Sweet Mobile Suit. Was there ever a model released as the Strike E in standard black and white colors?


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