Monday, November 23, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth WIP 6

this part is for the legs and feets..

the design for the inner frame for the feets is simple.. not much articulation like the latest MG such as MG Exia.. not much panel line needed since all the part have molded separately..

the inner frame for the feets..

it quite small and look a bit fat like the 1/100 force impulse version..

alright.. now is the legs.. not much detail on the inner frame except one big hydraulic pump.. the tight look quite simple too.. not sliding armor.

i paint the hyraulic pump with the gold color gundam marker and silver color gundam marker. my friend is looking for the silver chrom gundam marker for me actually cause he need one too. too bad that most of the store have no stock for the marker..

the tight joint to the waist.. like i said.. the design is simple.. same to the structure too.. and the joint only required two parts as you can see from the manual.. the 'F4' and the 'F3'.. not like those new seed model which required three parts so the structure not look that fragile. but this is not bad too..

so the inner frame for the leg completed..

there are inner part for the ankle plate too..

another close up on the inner frame and this time.. show the painted hydraulic pump that link to ankle too..

leg completed..

just come back from the BAKUC Malaysia 2009 oon November today.. got some nice photo with Canon EOS 450D with kit lens.. will try to upload it soon.. got almost hundred photo i guess..

to be continue..

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Jacques said...

looking forward to those photos that you took for the BAKUC Malaysia 2009.


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