Wednesday, November 4, 2009

temporary medicine for gunpla addiction

just for people who have no time to build gunpla but one to get their hand on it.. Sd kit are most preferable.. assemble.. paint.. spend just few hour and you can complete everything.. it also save a lot of space and money.. spend few hundred ringgit and you may collect the whole series..

sd kit's color are normally not complete even with stickers.. it require a lot of work.. so don't think that its easy to complete.. you may feel easy to assemble it.. as for the painting.. sometimes i feel it more difficult then paint those 1/100 scale model kit.. reason is most of the parts that have different color is molded together.. so.. either use hand painting or.. if using spray can or airbrush.. you have paint the paint same part few times and switch the masking tape to the part you don't want to paint..

other scale like 1/144 or 1/100 may hard to paint due to the number of part.. but most of the parts are mold separately.. it just take more time to paint everything..

so.. playing with sd kit also fun..

two new Sd Sangokuden kit.. just got it complete assemble yesterday.. exam is coming soon but i'm still want to build something and enjoy it.. just need few hour to complete it and not affecting my study much.. not like MG which take me few days.. so.. can't touch my MG Crossbone much yet.. since i can't enjoy building an MG during exam period due to the concentration of study affecting the feel.. if you can't enjoy building the gunpla you want.. the outcome may lead to disaster.. XD

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