Friday, November 20, 2009

Canon EOS 500D

was playing with Canon EOS 500D that day.. i have the demo unit back with me. along with Canon Powershot S90 actually but too lazy to play with the compact.. and i love the color of the EOS 500D so much.. 14 bit color conversion and the 900k ++ resolution LCD screen just show everything i want..

first shots is my MG Crossbone which is halfway done.. i'm just love the depth of field by the SLR.. this effect won't happen much with my IXUS 55..

another one.. closer.. greater effect.. that is how zoom lens work even without large aperture setting.. in fact.. this shot is taken by the standard zoom lens which is the Canon EF-S 18-55 IS..

try some shots with my Vanator.. now i got the right green i want..

another close up shots..

this was using aperture around F9.0 if i'm not remember wrong and using the pops up flash.. the marker that i'm currently using for my MG Crossbone..

then i try some shots on my display shelf.. EXIA..

my favorite Sd Cao Cao which is freedom actually and now equip with extra part from the serpeant which is next to it..

my favorite bling bling as well.. the akatsuki.. it always look good no matter how many times i look at it.. come on Bandai.. when is the MG version come out.. will this be the next variation for MG strike series or the MG strike series has rnd and now replace by MG astray series?

took some shots of all the MG Strike with different striker pack.

the last shot.. which is also my favorite Sd sangokuden series gundam.. the zhuge kong ming..

all the shots was using the Canon EOS 500D.. and ISO at 800 to 1600.. what do you think about the photos.. i'm just love how the camera able to process such pictures even the light in my room is dull lighting and my limited skill and accessory can't help much..

thats all for the post.. will try to get some shots with Canon EOS 1000D again. some of my picture with Martin Yan (one of the famous chef) in some very challenging lighting environment and the camera was use without accessory but only the standard lens and pops up flash..


hirobot said...

You've got a great collection there! I'm envious.

seven6398 said...

hirobot: thx.. nice to meet you..


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