Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth WIP 2

alright.. start with the chest.. the part require are not much.. the design is pretty simple too.. i left the skull logo first.. cause i'm thinking of painting the skull logo..

i'm having problem with my panel line gundam marker.. so left the line too think.. but i feel it look ok.. i'm just don't know how to take care those gundam marker.. it make me headache every time i use it..

'Y" shape.. when i see this.. i was like.. "is that all for the chest inner frame?".. OMG.. so simple.. and no detail.. i think the chest inner frame design to that simple is because there will be a core fighter slot in later..
ok.. this is the part i miss from the first picture..
almost done.. how does it look like?.. a bike?.. the front part? from OCC?.. hehe.. i was thinking what will they do if they make a bike base on the concept of gunpla like they did for spiderman bike, fire fighter bike for 9/11, helicopter concept and bla bla bla..
thats it.. the chest complete.. the blue color look a bit dull actually.. i was thinking should i apply matte top coat on it.. but the weather here just don't allow me.. raining everyday.. what happen?

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

if u think the lines are too thick buy zipper lighter fluid and use a cotten swab to clean up the lines a bit. you can also use it for gundam paint markers and other paints like enamel but i dunno bout spray paints anyways WELCOME back lol well i still have 2 tests left be4 i can got but some black paint so yea

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: currently i'm using the gundam marker eraser.. but not that convenient because it dry too fast if i apply on cotten or tissue.. if apply directly on the part.. it will make the whole line disappear.. i'm thinking of buying the zipper lighter fluid too.. i guess it also can use it for airbrush right.. anyway.. thx.. and good luck for your exam..


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